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[Valentine's Day Special] Blame: apperception

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Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
I am incredibly happy with the result of 7 and a half months of gradual work. This map expresses the subjective feelings received through the process of protein bodies form of existence (aka "live"). Otherwise, this is called "apperception".

Happy Valentine`s Day.

"Eternal spring in solitary confinement - You are [​not] alone"

"[​Fort! Da!] An unloved doll hanged on a cloud; freed from all future inevitable upsets with my own hands"

"I have no mouth, but my Friend saved me"

"I experienced a place where Gott ist tot"

"I have every respect for your deductions, but you are wrong, completely and absolutely, and without any doubt"

"Casual horror of [​Life]time [​Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings] People are not made out of Steel"

"Flame of [​mahou] despair in my head - curse is also a wonder"

"True, no blood flows, the man is still alive, but you`ve killed him all the same"

"Revelation - You become responsible forever for what you have tamed"

"Kill the state in Yourself"

"[​It is bad for ya!] I have [​no] conscience. All I have now is nerves"

«Why do we build?
To be a part of something, greater than ourselves?
When You`re cast outside the gates,
It is dangerous,
If You`re not careful,
You might find yourself...
The thing about Humans is,
When They`re lost,
They walk in circles.
That walk turns into a sprint,
That sprint turns into a run.
Running full speed,
Going nowhere.
As We return Home,
We complete the circle.
In the face of our creations,
Turning to dust.
Do we end this?»

- u m a m i ; Interface
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