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Bomb Defuse Revamped

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SamosTheSage avatar SamosTheSage
Level 45 : Master Miner
The revamped version of the famous redstone minigame"bomb defuse"by FVdisco.
This version has all the old features plus a new one: the guesses counter that displays how many guesses are left.
I used the new redstone 1.12 components to make the contraption smaller and less laggy.
  • Adjustable timer and counter
  • Loss/win detection system
  • ON/OFF switch for the explosion
  • Randomized password every time
If you want a more in depht explanations of the circuit:
Spoiler - click to reveal
The whole system inside the bomb
The whole system inside the bomb.
Bomb Defuse Revamped Minecraft Map
The classic PeterjiangFW piston feed tape slightly modified by me to make it less laggy.
Bomb Defuse Revamped Minecraft Map
Really simple Xor gates with a randomizer beneath to set a new password each time.

Some comparator logic to undestand how many guesses are right.
Little disclaimer: this project is not entended to be a simple rip-off of the original map but just a little tribute to disco :).
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Update #1 : by SamosTheSage 10/16/2018 3:08:43 pmOct 16th, 2018

FIXED the gamemode

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