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Castle Town (Compact Medieval Town)

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At long last the inhabitants of Castle Town have procured enough weapons and fortifications to suppress the rule of the great wizard who rules over their land. For two century the town has remained loyal to the great, and evil wizard who extorted them for the use of his land, but no longer. With an extensive militia, secret underground passages, and food supplies to sustain months of war now is the time to fight for independence.


Castle Town was created on the server I play on. It was born out of the desire to build a Medieval town, at a modest scale replicating the functions of that time period, versus simply focusing on aesthetics and grandeur which most projects of this nature do. Although the schematic is not an adventure map, there is somewhat of a role-play going on between the player and the town. Located in the town are hidden Easter eggs which include notes as well as treasure.

The town was created in units. Initially it started with the villa that is located at the town center. From there I built the tavern, the blacksmith, the library, and then the surrounding district. The style of the town evolves and changes in places, but a constant aesthetic of Stone brick and nether brick prevails throughout the town's design.

Many of the buildings look the same. Originally I made about 20 schematics which I mirrored and arrayed within MCedit to establish the initial framework of the town. From there most of the time was spent building roads, making connections and building the overall aesthetic.


Feel free to add the town to your server, but please let me know if you do by posting the IP. I'd like to visit ;) Also feel free to add or subtract to it. The town is listed as 95% complete for two reasons. 1) Many of the buildings do not have fully-furnished interiors, and 2) I had planned to build a complete underground city below the town, but the sandy biome made it more difficult than I had imagined. For that reason only a framework exists of the underground city I had imagined.

Have fun!

Additional Notes

Want to see the original town?
Visit Maxcraft on facebook to learn how to gain access to the server:
CreditSchellenberg for hosting the server
Progress95% complete

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12/26/2011 7:30 am
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very nice
12/24/2011 11:28 am
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On est impatients de voir la fin !
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