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Castlevania-Aria of Sorrow map

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Hello, kiki40367OG here. This is the first project I've shown on Planet Minecraft, it is based on the map from the Castlevania game Aria of Sorrow for the Gameboy Advance. The main difference is that it isn't just 2d, I wanted to make it 3d, so some rooms twist, making the castle wider. I might consider making a texture/resource pack to go along with the map, but I don't think I'll make it an adventure map. I am using a full map compiled by Terrasperz, all credit goes to them.

The new version is on Dropbox, since it's over 15 MB, (you Don't need a Dropbox account to download it). I will keep the OLD version here.

I am making a, hopefully, better version, by including what is shown in the background and at the end joining it all together as would a real castle. I've also made a server for it, so if you're interested to help me, contact me and I'll give you the info you'd need.

Please read latest update log.

Anyone can use the map for their own projects, the only condition is that I am credited for this map.

To get to the castle, follow the path up to the shrine and step on the pressure plates. In case it doesn't work, use the command /tp @p 588 28 544 in the Overworld.

The blocks I use for each room is based on the colours in the game and whether it is stone or wood. That being said, I am colourblind, so, while I know that most colours don't really match, if there are any huge, blaring differences of colours between the map and the game, that is probably why. If you have any issues or comments, please let me know.

Credit to TheToxicShadow for helping me build the upper part of the Castle Corridor and giving some creative ideas.
CreditKonami for making the original game. Terrasperz for compiling the full map image I'm using. TheToxicShadow for help building.
Progress55% complete

12 Update Logs

Update #12 : by kiki40367OG 08/28/2020 1:23:15 amAug 28th, 2020

Started the second version of the map. Moved the Lower, Middle and Upper Castle areas to the Overworld, Changed the blocks used for the main Castle Corridor platforms/walkways. Added the background details from the game, including some towers, lanters and torches, some statues, and changing the look of the save and warp rooms. Minor changes to some room dimensions.

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