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City of Floating Islands

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City of Floating Islands, is an idea of me for participating in an activity in the MC community. or my experiment in Minecraft. Before this project, I haven't tried to build such a city.

My original design would be more sci-fi / cyberpunk, but in the end, the buildings of the city still be normalized like the buildings in reality.

The basic setting is that the city: the city relies on the core operation of the END power of the city center, and relies on many "belts" to transport the city's energy to different places

Many of the buildings in the city are my works in the past. Of course, some of them are slightly changed. That's why I call it experiment. Including the crescent moon tower, I combined it with the Chinese Tang Dynasty style architectures that I made recently. It has a wonderful feeling XD.

Some buildings are inspired by the works of team Blockworks.
The buildings in Xieshan style are guided by wushen, Kassandra.
CreditTeam Blockworks, 污绅,Kassandra
Progress100% complete

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