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Clocktower - Victorian/Steampunk

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Baitman777 avatar Baitman777
Level 46 : Master Engineer
Hello PMC!

It has been a while since I uploaded stuff. Here is a new project I was able to build with the help of the CrafterTeam.de Crew lending me free building space and the needed tools.

I created this clocktower for my own liking. I always wanted to do a fancy clocktower with lots of gizmos with the feeling it could actually work.

- Victorian / Steampunkish Clocktower.
- (Almost) Realistic Clockwork (Cogs, Gizmos, Bells ...).
- FULLY EXPLORABLE (You can walk all the way from bottom to top inside the tower!).
- Copy / Paste Marker with Red Wool Blocks (Beware of Width/Lenghts - Square is only the Tower, has offset by 3 Blocks due to Cogwheels from Clocktower Top)

- Height = 84 Blocks (Including Groundbase)
- Width / Lenghts = 25x25 Cubic (Beware: Total Width = 28 due to WorldEdit Copy) -> The Visible Cogwheels are 3 Blocks more outward, beware when Pasting it. (Marked with Red Wool Blocks)

- Schematic
- I will upload a schematic so you can use it freely.

Please if you use it, dont forget to subscribe, leave a diamond and mention me if you need a builder for a nice project. :)

Howdy & happy Engineering

Progress100% complete

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11/04/2020 3:17 am
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Swavis avatar
Why aren`t you using new blocks?
11/04/2020 4:10 am
Level 46 : Master Engineer
Baitman777 avatar
Hey there,
well I was used to a very old version of MC so thats the stuff I know. Furthermore, until yesterday I did not realise that WorldEdit is compatible with the newest version also for singeplayer.

So thats that.

What kinda Blocks do you have particularly in mind? I dont see a problem not using some of the new blocks unless for colour variation and maybe bit more detail here and there.

If I had known earlier, I would have used new blocks on some sections.

In the future I will definately incoroporate them, because I really like the new variations especially: All Stairs, All Slabs etc.


11/05/2020 8:17 am
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Swavis avatar
Ok :D
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