Dark Fantasy City

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avatar _The_Jedi_
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
Started a new project for SirNiloc! It's going to be a dark fantasy spawn. This structure will contain many secrets! Subscribe to keep up with the project. I hope to have it done in a couple months :) There isn't much yet, but I got a good feeling about this one.

Comments are appreciated. Let me know of some ideas if you have any! I'll see if I can work them in.

Contact me if you are interested in your own build :)

9-28-2020 Update:
Added a river and a large tree. Also started the building theme concepts and added a couple of walls. Let me know what you think! Sadly haven't had much time to work on this as much as I want
Progress25% complete

09/09/2020 6:30 am
Level 46 : Master Architect
Looks like a nice start; but not enoght to give a diamond for now but it has potentinal to get one.
09/09/2020 5:15 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
Haha yeah if my internet would love me for a few weeks... I will hopefully have more to show.
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