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Desert Trading Hall

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F4llenTroy avatar F4llenTroy
Level 35 : Artisan Unicorn
This trading hall offers 41 villager cages cof* cof* working offices, and a cool design ;D

Ps: The holes in the back is where u get your villagers in.

Now with a map dowload
Progress100% complete

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04/15/2021 4:27 pmhistory
Level 14 : Journeyman Explorer
josephus avatar
Thanks! I will build this on my survival Server! :D

And I created a material list with world edit:

Sandstone: 383
Sandstone Slab: 427
Sandstone Stair: 83
Emerald Block: 5
Smooth Sandstone: 417
Cut Sandstone: 447
Cut Sandstone Slab: 2
Cut Red Sandstone: 33
Smooth Sandstone Slab: 2
Smooth Sandstone Stairs: 52
Red Sandstone Slab: 6
Red Sandstone Stairs: 6
Smooth Red Sandstone: 27
Smooth Red Sandstone Slab: 23
Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs: 49
Glowstone: 8
Orange Stained Glass: 35
Leaves: 10
Chiseled Sandstone: 20
Lantern: 17
Spruce Fence: 79
Brown Carpet 85
Red Carpet: 25
Orange Carpet: 82
Crafting Table: 2
Trapdoor (Spruce): 81
Trapdoor (Oak): 4
Observer: 82
Sticky Piston: 41
Redstone_Block: 41
Brown Terracotta: 85
White Terracotta: 36
Fence Gate (Spruce): 41
Noteblock: 41
Workstation (Lectern): 41
String: 41
08/25/2020 10:41 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Erito avatar
looks good, but lacks interior decoration.

have you made huge constructions?
07/30/2020 8:55 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Architect
LordDathedr avatar
Very simple, but elegant, and highly useful, this would make a great addition to any survival, or towny server.
07/31/2020 2:21 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
misterich avatar
The second times BRINSINGR05 says almost anything what I am thinking to say;

I just want to add that you should consider to save this as nbt instead of a schematic as a nbt data can be loaded by non modded and/or modern minecraft versions.
07/31/2020 3:15 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Unicorn
F4llenTroy avatar
Do I make a map for each build and send a nbt file? I'm a bit confused
07/31/2020 6:56 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
misterich avatar
nbt is a dataformat that minecraft uses for many thing; but also for generating structures like the ocean monument or shipwrecks - but we have also access to these function via the structureblock (you need to use a "/give" cheat to get one). With this structureblock you can select a part of the world for saving. That safed area will be saved as one .nbt-file in you generation folder at your minecraft safe folder. If you now copy this file to other savegames you could import them there via the structureblock. Of course you can also directly upload this .nbt file to planet minecraft. If you check my last upload (except of acropolis and rpworld - these are large world saves) you can find there .nbt saved structures. The good thing on nbt; you can import them block excatly and not roughly like done by worldedit, you may rotate them easy and you can be 100% sure minecraft will be able to load this datafiles in 5 years or more without using mods.
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