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Epic Castle Tutorial Build Download

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This build was fully made by iOne & Bubblebaby from the Youtube.com/iOneBubblebaby channel.

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This is a slightly different variation of our epic castle and it doesn't include the walls around. It is also in a flatworld which can be convenient for the people who want it that way and it is unfurnished. Many people asked for a tutorial of it and we made it, it really is a spectacular castle and one of our first great creations which were are still proud of. We used stonebrick and sandstone with the conquest texturepack. We hope you like it!

Resource Pack: Conquest

Screenshots with shaders. (even though it still looks just as amazing without them)
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Update #1 : by iOBu 11/23/2014 8:29:20 pmNov 23rd, 2014

We are putting the download up! We hope you enjoy this magnificent castle, the download is in a flat world and we will be putting out the download for the non flat world(basically a normal seed) in a few days at most which also has 4 epic walls guarding the castle and is slightly different as well as furnished.

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