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d3vi0us's Avatar d3vi0us
Level 32 : Artisan Spelunker
Epic world generation with insane, Extreme hills generations. There are at least 5 pumpkin patches in the area, there's a desert temple somewhere around there, I have done NOTHING to this world to modify it at all. I have found a dungeon without digging around. The seed will NOT work i have tried it, but if your the person to have the seed anyways it is in one of the pictures above. If you want coords. to any picture you see, leave a comment and I will get back to you. Pictures are being uploaded so be patient. You have my permission to use this map for anything, just put my name as credit if you are uploading it to anything.
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by d3vi0us 11/22/2012 12:21:43 pmNov 22nd, 2012

Added new pictures and updated details and added seed

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