Expanded Village w/ House + Gold Temple + Epic Mountains

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avatar UltraX8
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This epic project I completed a while back but never got to uploading until now is quite an interesting one!
The Minecraftian power to behold in this package includes:

- A somewhat small village with a few Testificates left, two libraries, a small farmhouse and extra custom stuff! Custom stuff like a protein house (which I never got to putting the pigs into), a Nether portal, mushrooms, a lava well, and an awesome player house :D
- A wonderous mountain range right next to the village, with many animals and another village some distance away. Also in the opposite direction, a pine forest.
- A specially built gold temple, which can be reached via a Minecart. Once inside, there are treasures to behold, and you can even dig out the top and use it as a fort with bows, arrows and other supplies! One treasure is IN the king's MIND ;)

So I hope you can figure out my riddle-ish things, on this AND my Dino + Steve project, for there are some epic treasures. Good luck, and enjoy!
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