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Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Gumptown is a city created for the purpose of fun, enjoyment and testing your architectural skills. It is a city containing over 1000 buildings with more buildings popping up every once in a while. It was created around the summer of 2012, and has since grown in to be a city in which me and my friends have escaped into and has been a way to keep us occupied as well as holding us together and has been a reason for us to come together, have fun and build some buildings.

Every house is decorated on the outside as well as the inside and it is the fundamental element of indoor decoration, as well as unique buildings and houses that makes this city special. Over 15 persons have joined in on the project and have created at least one building. Some have only built one or two, whilst other has build hundreds. Every house is numerated and all have a sign which says who made the building, so that we can keep track on how many buildings there are, as well as an interesting factor to see around what time this house had been made and who build it.

Along with the city a couple of rules of building and such does apply, ex. no TNT must be used, how to properly place the number and nametag, no breaking other houses and stuff like that, but mainly it is only your own creativity which sets the limit. There are no specific themes of the city so you can find everything from farms and different shop, to skyscrapers, giant towers, roman inspired buildings, harbors, pyramids and even a large sheep has been created. A few secrets and trolls can also be found within the city.

The creators: We all come from Denmark and live here so most of the signs are written in Danish, but some might be in English. It is mostly me, the creator Peter, and a guy called Tobias who created most of the houses and we both feel a strong connection to the city and therefore it is mostly us who still makes sure that the city keeps evolving, but also some of our others friends are still active or have been very active during their lives, but because we all evolve and started moving away from each other, it has been harder to keep the passion going for the most. That along with the fact that we lost a couple of version during the years, and over 150 houses or buildings has gone missing, have made the interest slip a bit. Therefore we would like to know if you are interested in building a house or two, so we can keep the city from dying and to have some fresh new intakes towards new creations. But remember to be respectful and serious and not destructive because that is just bad manners!

There is a map over the city, if you either find house number 300, ( /tp -659 74 602 ) which lies close to a house looking a bit like a rubix cube, or you can fly up north, near a larger farm to find an even bigger map over the city and the surrounding areas. ( /tp -623 6 268 ) The city is created in default texturepack so it should also be appriciated with that aswell.

Have fun and enjoy or creations or use it to blow stuff up. Either way we felt like showing our creations to more people and hopefully we will receive some positive feedback of our creations.

We didnt start building the city at the spawn point, so if you have troubles finding it, then tp to /tp -500 80 500
Progress5% complete

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Update #4 : by Blomsgaard 07/24/2019 6:29:17 amJul 24th, 2019

Current number of buildings 1333

We started to build a quarter for large villa's and chateus.

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