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Halo UNSC Charon Class Frigate

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Eridani's Avatar Eridani
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
1:1 Scale Charon Class Light Frigate

As seen in Halo 3, the Charon class is a frigate specialized in providing planetary support. Compared to other UNSC frigates, the Charon has a larger lower hangar bay, which can be used to deploy ground vehicles straight to the battlefield. Charons also served as escorts in fleets. More details can be found here https://www.halopedia.org/Charon-class_light_frigate.

If you're curious, I had to change some bits so it might be a little big shorter or longer, but it should be around: 490 blocks long, 155 blocks wide, and 139 blocks tall. This ship is also mostly based on the Sins of The Prophets model by Annihilator102, so its has some differences from the in game model.

The schematic was saved in 1.18.1.
annihilator 102
Progress100% complete

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07/29/2022 3:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
WhiteMatthew02's Avatar
MAN CONGRATS WTF...CONGRATS for this..amazing ship...i am a die-heart halo fan and i love to see halo stuff,i have a map full of stuff too,also i would love to see some covenant ships too or banished <3 <3
07/29/2022 10:49 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
Eridani's Avatar
Thanks. I plan on building at least a covenant SDV class corvette but even that will take a while as its almost twice the length of a Charon.
07/30/2022 6:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
WhiteMatthew02's Avatar
you have all my respects!
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