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High Speed Hyperloop

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You need To Use 1.12.2 Version

The Speed Reach 360 Km/h or 100 block per second , so That is Extremely Fast , But In Real Life It Reach 1126,54 km/h.

In real Life , Hyperloop is the concept of high-speed transport system proposed by entrepreneur Elon Musk. ... Hyperloop technology has been made open source by Musk and SpaceX, and the public is invited to take the idea and develop it further.

But In Minecraft , Hyperloop is the concept of a teleportation system that drives players to Distance in Very High Speed and can reduce Travel time

in this map there are only 2 stations namely Notchland and Greenland

This is my first creation so sorry if there are errors in this map

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06/09/2018 2:56 am
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Hi I am Newbie here this map is really good i hope you get 500 diamonds ill give you diamond!
and thanks for the map :)
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