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How To Build An Automatic Jukebox V2 (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

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Bedrock Edition
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Full tutorial on How To Build An Automatic Jukebox in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition, pocket edition, or MCPE vanilla survival world. This is a 1.16 & 1.17 caves and cliffs update design.

With this design you automatically play your favorite music discs on a loop. Never worry about having to restart a song ever again with this redstone device.

Using a music disc on a jukebox inserts the disc and plays music corresponding to the type of music disc used. Pressing use on the jukebox again ejects the disc and stops any music playing. Music discs play only once before they must be ejected and reinserted. In Bedrock Edition, note particles emit out the top when sound is playing. The sound from the jukebox travels roughly 65 blocks in all directions. It supports all available music discs in the game.

In Bedrock Edition, hoppers and droppers can be used to insert a disc into a jukebox.

Tamed parrots dance when in a 3 block radius from a jukebox that's playing a disc.
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