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How To Use Skins On Cracked Minecraft

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Craftlandia Launcher
  • Craftlandia:http://forum.craftlandia.com.br/ipb/
  • In This launcher the skin is free, but to got a cape you need to buy a VIP.
  • This launcher is in Portuguese.
  • This launcher has various servers of Survival,Creative and a Minigames server.
  • To change your skin click in "Play minigames" wait and press the "Setup" press "Change Skin" and "Select" and choose the skin file.
DarkLBP Launcher

Darklbp:http://darklbp-projects.net/minecraft-launcher-20-2-0/#more-1316 (INSECURE SITE)
  • In this launcher you can use skins and capes
  • You can change your account data
  • The explanation of how you can change your skin is available on the site:http://darklbp-projects.net/ (INSECURE SITE)
Nicks premium to get cape (DarkLBP Launcher)
  • Feromonas (Minecon Cape - Pickaxe)
  • RealSquig (Minecon Cape - Iron Golem)
  • Hacksore (Minecon Cape - Red Creeper)
  • zorcan1 (Minecon Cape - Piston)

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