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Infinate XP Command Block


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Level 42 : Master Dragonborn
I was playing around with the new command blocks in the update and I found an easy way to get fast infinate experience (XP). It's very simple to make. You need 5 redstone, 2 repeaters, a command block and a lever.

First off, you need command blocks, you have to spawn them because they do not show up in the creative inventory, type /give <username> 137 1.

1- put the command into the command block. type /xp 5000 @p. This will give the nearest player 5000 xp. I think you can also input however many xp you want but I'm pretty sure that's the limit.
2- add redstone and set repeaters to two ticks (see picture)
3- put a lever on the side and turn it on and off quickly.

Now you have infinate XP! If you want to turn it off break a piece of redstone. And if you want to slow the rate down then turn up the repeaters a notch or two.

Well I hope you enjoyed, this is a really simple redstone contraption you can pretty much do anything with it from there. Please leave a comment, subscribe or give a diamond if you liked this. If you want me to make more redstone stuff then just ask in the comments or PM me.

Progress: 100% Complete

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Is there a way to set a range where this can work?

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