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Insanity V1.2

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avatar ItsGuitar
Level 1 : New Miner
INSANITY : A parkour map that is very hard and CHAOTIC.
Yes, this map name is "Insanity" just look at the map’s name, and see how hard is this/it is.
There are 100 normal levels and 10 special levels (Level 101-110). The first jump is very easy, still easy at the next level, but IT WILL VERY HARD IN SOME OF 50+ LEVELS that can make you rage. you will die and die to improve your parkour skill! This parkour is VERY HARD for testing your skill.
This map was inspired by Just Jump parkour map by The_Sketch
open command blocks if you are on multiplayer
peaceful difficulty too!
Update Changelog here
V1.2 Update
Nerfed Level 91
Added soft water and soft boots for level 110

V.1.1 Update
Nerfed Level 1,52 and 110
Buffed Level 49,53,54 and 107 (you can skip some part in all of that level)

Level 1-110 by ItsGuitar
Rules and fun fact by AkaTori_
Beta tester by Bun5gPlays,Nurbz

game version 1.12.2
Estimated playtime: speedrun: 2-3 hours, playing without cheat: 15+ Hours

If you spawn at plains and there is roofed forest around or another place that isnt house, do /tp @p 10077 88 39941
thank you and dont RAGE!
CreditJust Jump by The_Sketch
Progress100% complete

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