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Ivarstead - Skyrim Town

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rep2k avatar rep2k
Level 28 : Expert Sailor
Hola amigos ! Just kidding..hello fellows ! Today,I am back with another project,called Ivarstead !

Last time I uploaded Riverwood.Just after uploading it,I got an idea to make Ivarstead for next project. Ivarstead is a small town,located between Whiterun and Riften.This small town is one of my favorite,just like Riverwood :D Around himself,Ivarstead got big mountains and some caves full of bears.It has a river with waterfall too,which is awesome to see !

For this project,I used World Painter and this is my first time to use it,so don't judge me if something is not quite good :D Just comment what to fix and improve ! This time,I worked a little bit more,because I wanted Ivarstead to be better than my previous project,just to be sure that everything is allright !

You should use New Texture Pack 1.12.2 from Mojang Team if you want to have a better view on Ivarstead ! Set the brightness from 40-60% to have a view just like in Skyrim.

Thanks for previous support ! Please feel free to give a diamond and favorite this project,because I will make more projects like these !
CreditMojang and you guys !
Progress100% complete

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03/17/2018 11:27 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
BuilderSveini avatar
Hey, dude do you want to join my builderTeam? if you want contact me
03/17/2018 5:12 pm
Level 28 : Expert Sailor
rep2k avatar
PS v2: There is a wrong name for Shroud image xd
03/17/2018 1:09 pm
Level 28 : Expert Sailor
rep2k avatar
PS: I didn't finished basement under Shroud Hearth Barrow,because I was in hurry to upload this !
Make it in your way :D
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