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Vanilla mod Lucky block V2.0 [MEGA UPDATE,DOWNLOAD NOW]

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avatar TheRedEngineer
Level 92 : Overlord Engineer

As the title says this is the LUCKY BLOCK MOD in Minecraft VANILLA! Yes, vanilla.

Are you tired of mining lots and lots of gold ores without knowing what to do with them?
Finally the gold has a good use! Use it to craft your lucky blocks and after mine them to see what present it reserves to you!

It works with command blocks and you don't need to install any mod to play with it.

The original lucky block mod was invented by Alex Socha get the mod from his page (not to be confused with the vanilla version).

What's new in 2.0 version?

Everything! The "mod" was remade from zero: the clocks, the disposition of the command blocks, the commands.
Here are some main changes, for more info check the update log.

- There's no more need to face east when  breaking the blocks: now you can face any direction and the drop/event will happen exactly in the position of the block.

- Ability to enable or disable random events depending on which one you like more or not. Just right click the signs and make your own lucky block combination.

- Now in downloadable map (not in the schematic) there's a lucky block race structure for 3 people.

- Added a utility book (obtainable by throwing a snowball on the ground) that allows you to kill items on ground, teleport to the lucky block race or command blocks and to kill slimes.

- Now some of the events are interactive with each other: explore traps or kill bosses to obtain special drops that allows you to interact with mobs from other events.

- Added a bunch of new items, traps and mobs with a new boss and the incredible 200 stacked Lucky Pigs tower O_o

- The structure of the machine is made so it fits in only one chunk. By doing that we can put the machine in the spawn chunk and we'll be able to go everywhere we want in the world without the need to keep chunks loaded: the machine will still work.

V1.2 Showcases
Spoiler - click to reveal
undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined
   V2.0 Showcases
Spoiler - click to reveal

Q : Is really a mod that works in VANILLA?

A: Yess.
Q : What i have to do to get a lucky block?

A : Break a gold block with a pickaxe in survival mode.

Spoiler - Features

All wood,stone or gold tools
2-3 Iron tools
1-2 diamond tools
All leather-gold armor
2-3 chain or Iron Armor
1-2 diamond armor
All horse armor
bow and 16-32 arrows

2-6 end portal frames
14 obsidian
1 enchanting table
1 sponge
1 dragon egg
2 ender chests
1 beacon
8 droppers
8 hay blocks
8-16 gold ingots
4 paintings
2 saddles
1 rotten flesh
1 nether star
1 red rose named Romantic rose
Enhantment table
Item frames
Carrot on a stick

Jukebox+all discs
All glass colours

8-16 books & bookshelvs
4-8 different potions
1-3 mob heads
1-2 all buckets
OVER 9000 redstone stuff
4-8 random mob eggs
8-16 pumpkins and jack o lanterns
Juke box+ 1-3 music discs
2-4 golden apples & 1-2 NOTCH apples
4-8 of any quartz items
All 16 glasses

Lucky bow (Unbreaking III, Power V, Punch II, Flame I, Infinity I, +80% speed modifier)
Lucky tools (gold) (Sharpness V, Smite V, Bane of Arthropods V, Efficency VIX, Silk Touch I, Unbreaking XV, Fortune III)
Lucky fishing rod (Unbreaking III, Luck of the Sea III, Lure III)
Lucky sword (gold) (Sharpness V, Smite V, Bane of Arthropods V, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Looting II, Unbreaking III, +25% healt modifier)
Lucky armor (gold, 1 part) (Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Blast Protection IV, Feather Falling IV, Projectile Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III)

Eggs+ diamonds spreading in theair
Bob The OP Zombie (special potion dropped if you kill it)
(UN)LUCKY passive mobs (they do nothing)
Super charged creepers
Exp bottles
Mr. Rainbow sheeps (16 different color sheeps with custom colored name)
Boss: Giant zombie
Boss: The Skeleton King

Gollum riding Ozelot riding "Red_Engine's GUARDIAN"
10 Slime tornado boss
Lucky Pig tower (200 stacked pigs)
Mob Tower

Wishing well
Chest of goodies (wood items),(3 emeralds, 9 iron ingots, 2 gold ingots, 2 gold blocks, 1 diamond), (5 diamonds,3 golden apples, 3 gold blocks), (4 strings, 2 redstone dust, 2 discs, 1 bread, 1 bucket), (5 apples, 1 bread, 1 iron leggings), (5 iron ingots, 1 nametag, 1 string, 1 iron horse armor, 1 gunpowder)
Falling Gold, Diamond or Emerald block
Mythbusters (Bedrock with a sign on it [Well, There's your problem. (in gray)]
Lava trap (iron bars around you and a falling lava up)
Water trap (obsidian/glass structure filled with water)
Void/Pitfall Trap (with cobwebs and lava under)
Lucky fort (made in sandstone - 4 lucky blocks in it)
ACME (iron bars around you, a falling anvil up)
Colorful pole (Violet, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Violet,BURNING Diamond block on top)
Instant explosion
Insta-house created by falling sand
Bedrock trap
Feel free to report any bug and write in the comments what you want to be added!

I hope you enjoy it! How lucky can you be?
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

UPDATE 2.1 - Fixes for the mega-update : 03/21/2015 7:49:30 amMar 21st, 2015

-Added a gamerule for keepInventory
-Fixed player inventory items
-Fixed missing parkour blocks in the lucky block race
-Fixed the scoreboard "Deaths"
-Fixed "The Skeleton King" that didn't spawn before.

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So how do we get it?
how can it  be commands if its a mod?
Because I'm a magic engineer :)
but what commands are in it so i dont have to find another guy for a lucky block command?
TheRedEngieer is it possible that u put it in a command? that saw be great
This is not possible since command blocks have a character limit. Maybe in 10-12 command blocks..
i can not fine the command :(
sorry it a map i did not know
Where did i mention that this is compacted in one-command?
  • halfyou
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • April 17, 2015, 4:05 pm
Diamond to you
  • halfyou
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • April 17, 2015, 4:04 pm
This is awesome! Logdotzip reviewed it :D
in 1.7.10 why not?
Because 1.7 doesn't have many things that are used to make this vanilla mod work.
doesent work -_-
In which versione are you playing it? Remember to play in 1.8+
  • YumSprite
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • September 2, 2015, 2:46 am
can u use it in normal 1.8?
A new mega-update is coming to this mod (i'm rebuilding it from zero). Be sure to let your suggestions here or on G+ to have a chance to see your ideas in the update.
Does This Use Forge
  • TheIQPlayer
  • Level 8
  • Apprentice Narwhal
  • March 13, 2015, 3:01 pm
This is a Vanilla Creation, so no, It does not use or need Forge.
Ok, lucky blocks is the next one on my "to do" list. A HUGE update will come!
  • Saporen2705
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • February 15, 2015, 9:04 am
This is amazing! Good job!
Thanks mate.
the chicken diamond thing works like this: first eggs spawn in the air then chickens hatch out of it and then diamonds appear on the ground thhats how it works
It's a custom spawner that spawns eggs and diamonds :)
i know that, if you are confused as to what to do try doing this: 
  • First, Spawn in Items textured as eggs
  • Second Get rid of those items 
  • Then, Spawn in a RANDOM amount of diamonds
  • Finally, Spawn in Baby Chickens!!!

i think that should work and i think that is possible using some Selectors try to make it like that! :D
Try to recreate wishing wells also ThnxCya reviewed this like a couple of weeks ago
Yep, i added the wishing well on the "to do" list. Tomorrow i can start to make a big update :)

p.s.: Thanks for telling me about the video.

Guys if you see other reviews of this mod feel free to tell me!
with your skills you definetly can do it also np ThnxCya was the one who told me about this and how did you do clickable photos
For the clickable photos:

  1. I went on the (for example) AntVenom's channel and i did right click on his profire image and i clicked on "Copy image URL"
  2. Here on this post i clicked on "insert image" and i pasted the copied URL.
  3. i copied the video's link
  4. i selected the image and i clicked on "insert link" (on the tools bar)
  5. i pasted the link and saved id :)

Now you know how to do that :D
Cool :D
I did a small update, now the world download is in a .zip format.
For more info read the update logs.

A big update will come soon.
Please vote on the poll on my G+ and write me what you wish to be added =)
the 'Romantic Rose" colros is red (name) (§c) also it has no encants :) just throwing it out there
Oh, thanks for reminding me, i had to change the name color the same time i made the Mr. Rainbow sheep. I will fix that in the next update :)
next update O_O (make it happen fast)
Check out the new vanilla mod i made: Parachute mod! http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/vanilla-mod---parachute-mod/
I am fairly good at Redstone and I have a question how did you do the custom colored rainbow sheeps?
I used NBT Explorer , an external program which allows you to modify all NBT data from minecraft. 
I had to change the color inside a commandblock using color formating codes (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes) .

If you want to learn more about it i made a guide on "how to chenge the color to worlds name" (http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-make-colored-minecraft-world-names/
Oh nbt explorer I know how to use that so yeah for example from nbt explorer do you find that command in a certain chunk find the command and edit the string for example the change the name of romantic rose to red because normally it will be white

point is do you make the command have a specific color at some places?

  • I placed a commandblock (with the /execute /summon command in it) at X=0 Y=0 Z=0 position so it's very easy to find the chunk on NBT Explorer.
  • I opened NBT Explorer and i changed the "CustomName:Mr. Rainbow" name by adding the color formatting codes.
  • I saved and went back to the minecraft world. Now to copy the commandblock with all the NBT data saved just press CTRL+MOUSEWHEEL: in this case it copies the commandblock with the already modified command in it.
  • And done! I placed the commandblock with all his modified NBT in my "mod"
Cool never knew you could do that
Yeah, i think is the most useful key combination for map makers :)
you can do the same with all blocks with inventories in them; for example if you copy a chest with CTRL+MOUSEWHEEL it will copy the chest with all the items inside it.... same with droppers, hoppers, player heads and everything that have an NBT that can be modified.
I knew that :P
great concept =))
Thanks mate!
1000 views! More than 800 views and 200 downloads in the last 30 hours, thank you so much guys!
The LUCKY BLOCK VANILLA MOD was updated (Update 1) right now. For more info check the update logs.
btw for some reason the chests and diamond clay tower thing spawns behind me.
I know, that's the only problem of this "mod". Sadly the command blocks can't know where the player is looking to spawn the items or chests in front of him, that's why i had to spawn them in the direction where the sun rises.

If you destroy the lucky blocks facing east (where the sun rises)  all the items, chests and entities will summon in front of you.
oh i see
OMG Lucky Block Mod VS Lucky Block VANILLA MINECRAFT 

Vanilla Minecraft WINS!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! :DD
:) thanks for the comment! Right now i'm adding new things for the update.
  • SuperVSMini
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • January 30, 2015, 2:33 pm
This is better than the real Lucky Blocks! No lie!
Thank you superVSMini!
I'm thinking to update it as soon as possible with new lucky or unlucky probabilities!
  • ChimPi314
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • January 25, 2015, 1:34 pm
NICE JOB! The use of command blocks is really clever! I will definitely leave a very well deserved diamond for you! (check out my deal or no deal game using command blocks too!) 
I will definitely download this creation!!!!
Thanks for the comment!!
Sure, i'm going to look at it.
  • SzymeG
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Dragon
  • January 25, 2015, 4:58 am
Very Very  Cool  Cool :)
Thank you SzymeG!
  • xylia
  • Level 25
  • Expert Artist
  • January 25, 2015, 3:20 am
Awesome! I have to try this out :)
Thanks xylia :)
  • GrayRemnant
  • Level 56
  • Grandmaster Senpai
  • January 24, 2015, 1:08 pm
Very cool!
Thanks :)
Thanks for all the downloads! Remember if you liked it to leave a diamond!

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