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Mannequins - Only One Command

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Code202's Avatar Code202
Level 71 : Legendary Engineer
Hello! Today, I've created a rather small creation for you. This time I've made mannequins, which you can model, rotate and even change the size!

Click here for the command!

Mannequin - Armor Stand + Pumpkin + Leather Chestplate + Leather Leggings + Leather Boots
All recipes are floor crafting

To start of, I would just like to justify that this creation was mainly made for the Minecraft players
that do not know how to model armor stands. This basically just makes modelling armor stands
a whole lot simpler for you who don't know how to use data tags for armor stands. First place
down your mannequin. It will have the armor you used to craft it equipped. You can take of
this armor and replace it with anything you like! The mannequin can even hold items! If you
would like to put a player head on the mannequin, check out the "command" section of this page,
it will give you the command to get any players head. To bring up the mannequins options,
stand near it (within two blocks of the mannequin) and sneak. In chat you will see many options.
There is "Small". This adjusts the size of the mannequin. You can toggle it on and off, as with
the others, "Invulnerable" and "NoGravity". What "Invulnerable" will to is make the mannequin
invincible to any survival players, so you can not break in survival. "NoGravity" will make the mannequin
float in mid-air, as it will not be affected by gravity. Then there is "Rotation". Turning the rotation of
the mannequin +45 degrees will turn it 45 degrees left. Rotating the mannequin -45 degrees will
rotate it right 45 degrees. Then there is model. I have given you eight cool models for your
mannequin. You can click on a model to change the what the mannequin looks like. They are
all really cool models that can be useful for many occasions. So that is it! The simplest way to
model armor stands!

So how do you get a player head? You are going to need use the NBT tag "SkullOwner".
Here is the command: /give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:Username}
Where it says Username, replace it with a player's username.

By Code202

For 1.10
Progress100% complete

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06/13/2016 1:58 pm
Level 26 : Expert Dragon
Blazyy's Avatar
Umm, i found a bug, i dont think leather leggings are in minecraft, they are called lether pants.
06/13/2016 5:36 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Engineer
Code202's Avatar
That's not a bug. Yes, I know, I said leather leggings, but this is only because this is their ID in Minecraft.
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