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Minecraft Battle Mode: Crucible Small Download - Java/Bedrock

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Bedrock Edition
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“A world built deep in the Nether, with plenty of lava for your enemies to swim in!” It’s a description of course only fit for the legendary & fear-inducing battle map, called Crucible.

If you were to take a group of Legacy Console Edition Battle Mode players & ask them what map out of all the original twenty-one maps was the most deadly for its environment undoubtedly the majority would say either Lair or Crucible & for good reason.

Both Lair & Crucible have one thing in common that makes them easily remembered, and that is the lava-infested arenas that killed more players than you could possibly imagine.

So welcome to the Devils Arena, this lava-filled pit designed by the exceptionally talented people at 4J Studios was home to many competitive & casual Minecraft Legacy Console Edition Battle Mode matches.

When it was released for free with the official launch of "Battle Mode" on June 21, 2016, Crucible was one of the three default maps you could play, but unlike its two contemporaries Crucible stuck out like a sore thumb.

Its map design subjectively made it one of the most fascinating battle maps we’d ever see, as, unlike other maps that would be released later down the line or at launch, Crucible was designed to always keep players in close proximity with no safe zooms or areas that you could camp at.

If you played a traditional casual or competitive match you would spawn in the centre of the map which had eight different exits.

Once you left the centre via any of the exits you’d realise quickly that no specific side of the map was safe as the map would always come full circle. Regardless of if you played on the Small, Large or Large+ variants which were made for nine to sixteen players, any area in the map always had access from multiple sides.

Going to the lower end of the map you’d actually be in the most dangerous territory, although there were chests scattered around the small areas of cracked flooring there was also an abundance of lava filling the cracks, which made one premature jump or slip up your biggest fear.

It also didn’t help that the entire lower area of the map is one big open & flat field which made it easy to not only spot players but also kill them.
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