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Now musical composition in minecraft has never been easier with my first upload, a working orchestrion! This took me a little less than 3 hours to make. But the fun never ends!

Simply place a redstone repeater going left to right (towards your note block).

--Very modular, if you want to add length to your song, copy two blank rows, (the entire row from top to bottom) in MCedit, and copy and clone them onto the end of your piece. The downloaded schematic has 51 notes.
--Piano keyboard layout with elevated keys. If you play piano already, you could compose music extremely fast.
--Even if you don't play piano, (I don't), I've added convenient note blocks along the keys every 2 blocks, so you can click on one to check what the note sounds like. This speeds things up immensely.
---The playback is simple. Just quickly hit the switch on and off at the conductor's stand.
---Seating for your audience

*I reccommend that you have a flying mod when writing music. I've found it's nice to fly out and get a bird's eye view of my repeaters.

Additional Notes

Note: This does not support MIDI keyboards... sorry. Wait, did you nactually think it did? Given how simple this system is, I plan on nimplementing MIDI's into a separate mod, to interface with this machine ndirectly!
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