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Ministry of Finance

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avatar Rafael_Carioca
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The situation created by the arrival of the Court of Lisbon in Brazil in 1808, with the transformation of the Rio de Janeiro into mighty Sentinel of the metropolis, required a new local organization of public finances. Aware of this need, the Prince Regent, Sir John VI of Portugal, by means of the Permit of June 28, 1808, created the Royal Treasury and the Treasury Council, with the purpose of centralizing all businesses belonging to the collection, distribution and administration of the Royal Treasury. .

Implemented by Sir Fernando José de Portugal, the Royal Treasury initially operated along the lines of the Royal Royal Treasury of Lisbon and temporarily transferred decision-making power over the Crown's finances to Brazil. Although constituting a simplified administration apparatus during the portuguese period, it represented the first central nucleus of farm structuring, which gave rise to the current Ministry of Finance.

The denomination "Ministry of Finance" was only officially adopted in 1891, during the Government of Deodoro da Fonseca, with the establishment of the Republic. In this regard, it should be noted that the name "Finance" came into use in Brazil to designate the assets, goods and products of credit and contribution, as well as the nation's income. Since these resources were provided mainly from sesmarias, land intended for production, the term took on the meaning of finance.

Ruy Barbosa, the first holder of Pasta in the period of the Republic, was responsible for a monetary and banking reform, with the intention of shifting the axis of the Brazilian economy from agriculture to industry, abandoning the gold ballast and encouraging the organization of companies by banking system.

On October 30, 2018, it was announced by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to the Ministry of Economy, to be created through the merger of the Ministries of Finance, Planning, Development and Management, and Industry, Foreign Trade and Services.

Located on Antonio Carlos Avenue, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, the neoclassical and art deco building was built in 1944 by the then President of the Republic, Getúlio Vargas. Despite the presence of Art Deco, the neoclassical style is prevalent in the most important parts of the building, making it an imposing giant that is part of the city's history. Its current location is in the Castle region, a name derived from the old Castle Hill, demolished in 1922 to start the Agache Plan, an urban intervention that never left the paper but caused the demolition of a hill directly linked to the origins of the City of Rio de Janeiro.
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