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multigame lobby

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newcecchino avatar newcecchino
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
multigame lobby is a map full of interesting minigames, you can choose to play alone or call your friends. each minigame can be replayed as many times as it takes. in this map these minigames are "for now": tnt run, tnt wars, sumo, lavarain, parkopur (30 levels), PVP, PVE, build battle, spleef and hit the hen.

Once you enter the map you will find yourself in a lobby full of colorful portals, with the item frames above them you can read the name of the various minigames.

each minigame has different characteristics:

1 [​lavarain] here you will find yourself inside several objects (for now there is only one nintendo wii) that are burning, if you play alone try to survive for as long as possible, if you play in company throw the others down from the burning objects and survive more than the opponents!

2 [​spleef] take your diamond shovel and dig the snow under your opponents to make them fall down into the lava!

3 [​build battle] for 2 players only! choose a construction to create and give vent to your imagination! the most beautiful creation wins!

3 [​PVP and PVE] once you enter the portal you will find yourself in front of a closed room with signs and buttons. in each sign there is the name of a minecraft mob. that you can spawn inside an area. once you have chosen the mobs to spawn and the quantity you can choose to cooperate to destroy the mobs or face off in a pvp battle!

4 [​frozen collapse] the real name of this mode is tnt run. you will have to run everywhere while the ground under your feet freezes and crumbles! if you play alone try to always set new records, if you play with friends you survive as much as possible!

5 [​knokback war] the real name of this mode is sumo. (for 2 players and up), the aim of the game is to knock the opponent down with a wooden sword with knocback 2 over frozen ground which complicates things. the last to survive wins!

6 [​parkour] run and jump overcoming various levels of increasing difficulty with the aim of ... of ...

I don't know but you can never miss a parkour in a minecraft map.

7 [​tnt wars] you an your fryend spawns in 2 island with a wall in the middle build a tnt cannon and use it to break the wall and kill your fryends!

It is up to you to discover the others

ATTENTION the map is still under development so it may still have some problems.

this map is recommended for players of the windows 10 version
(playing from switch, mobile or other not very powerful platforms could cause lag)

I hope you like the map
Progress60% complete

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Update 10 : by newcecchino 07/25/2020 11:43:43 amJul 25th, 2020

add a new anvil game

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02/20/2020 10:58 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
newcecchino avatar
this map is for windows 10 / MCPE edition
not for java edition
please if you haven t windows 10 or MCPE edition ,don t download it!
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