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Naruto Ninja World Custom Adventure

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Dragon4942's Avatar Dragon4942
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Welcome to the Ninja World! No really, it's a probably-too-ambitious large-scale world based on the Naruto geography, with missions, ranks, story, side quest lines, boss fights from the series, blah blah.

This is entirely based on the Naruto Anime Mod by Mathioks, I suggest you check the mod out first if you haven't already. All of the quests and everything else entirely rely on customnpcs as well, I will list the whole modpack lower down. I essentially decided to make this for my friends and I to play though, because we really enjoy the replayability and fun to be had from Mathioks' mod, however it is still in early development and has been on a hiatus for around 1 year. Therefore, the mod lacks a lot of structure (as do most minecraft mods), and we have a lot more fun with a structured, but still free-form game. So, I used customnpcs with a few other mods to create a more immersive experience that gives somewhat of a real Naruto-branded ninja experience for your character.

Current Features:
- 50+ Quests in the adventure (150-200+ total planned)
- Very detailed missions and rank-up system, explained by the NPCs in the world but basically you start at D-Rank missions and have to work your way up to S-Rank missions, which are the most rewarding and detailed missions
- Various types of shops all throughout the Leaf Village (plans to work on the other nations)
- Radiant missions for gaining experience and money faster and in a more fun way than the base mod allows
- Entire quest-lines for each of the Three Legendary Sannin:
  - Train with Jiraiya, learn Toad Sage Mode and Toad Summonings on Mount Myoboku
  - Master Medical Ninjutsu and learn Slug Sage Mode/Summoning from Tsunade in Shikkotsu Forest
  - Obtain the Curse Mark, Snake Sage Mode, become a hidden sound ninja, and more from Orochimaru
- Become an S-Rank ninja in your village and a Sannin yourself (Only in the Leaf Village atm)

Planned Features:
- Join the Akatsuki and capture the tailed beasts to become a sage of the six paths
- Have a separate missions and ranking system for each of the 5 great nations, so you can choose to be a ninja in any village, not always the Leaf
- S-Rank missions to battle wild Tailed Beasts and capture them for that village
- Master Taijutsu by training with Might Guy
> If you have any more ideas you can let me know

Modpack (Minecraft 1.7.10)

- DamageIndicators
- Backpack
- CodeChickenCore
- CustomNPCs
- JourneyMap
- LootBags
- Naruto Anime Mod 0.9.17
- NarutoDojutsuMod2
- NBTEdit
- NotEnoughItems

Advice for best experience:
- Turn mob griefing off
- Preferably don't break any blocks or mine while playing, it's more of an adventure than survival (you can do whatever you want though)
- Do the few story missions that come with the mod (you spawn with the scroll) before doing any of my missions, it goes through the Academy stage

I am NOT a builder, credit for the majority of the map goes to JamieThe1egend, I only take credit for the writing and story-boarding for 100% of the quests, NPCs, bosses, and FEW of the leaf village interiors.

I'm not providing a download link yet, I want to at least finish all of the leaf village ranked missions so that there is a tangible path to follow for a long period of time.
Progress50% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Dragon4942 06/26/2019 11:42:55 pmJun 26th, 2019

- Completed all of Tsunade's medical & sage training
- Completed all of Orochimaru's training
- Completed all D-C-B rank missions for Leaf
> Will release a download after A-S rank missions and Jiraiya training are completed

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03/12/2020 2:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User2939080G's Avatar
02/22/2020 8:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
animeislife6969's Avatar
Hello, me again... im kinda bored of waiting, it has been about just over half a year since i had last post a reply on here and its gonna be a full year soon until this gets updated, please cant you post about why you have paused/stopped developing this wonderful idea into a reality. I think we would all be a small bit happier knowing that you have either paused on the developing the map or just stopped developing the map because of personal reasons, we just need you to breathe some life into this map, not in the ways of making it better, if you post a comment on this telling us if we can expect another update or create an update it will create more hype and people will be a lot happier if we knew you are still working on this... to be honest i had actually forgotten about this map until a few days ago my friend and I was making a Naruto modpack and he thought it would be fun if we had our own little world to run around on and do missions and get sage mode and defeat the all of the tailed beasts but the best we could find was a half developed map that was mostly on fire because of a bug and probably had been built fully in vanilla because half of the walls were missing and the buildings were made out of the strangest materials like obsidian, emeralds and sand, and then my friend had came across this and he sent me a link, at first i thought that i had hit the jackpot and well... i saw my own comment and then the memories came back, days spent checking this to see if anything had changed for about 3 weeks and then i just stopped coming on here every day to check if you had updated it, i still came on here every few days to just check but then i literally just stopped coming on here and well... about 6 months later it is about the same as 8 months ago.
I just want to ask you to make sure to keep up the development as i would love to go onto the fully developed map and just walk around the map, go to orochimaru's hideout, talk to Tsunade, become a sage, become hokage, tame all of the tailed beasts and anything else you will allow us to do in this map when its fully developed
- best of luck
01/13/2020 5:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Neo2266's Avatar
I really wish this project would be done soon because I really love naruto and minecraft and the thought of combining the two is amazing so I would like to play the mod and map even if it is unfinished.
09/06/2019 9:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
animeislife6969's Avatar
I don't want it to seem like I don't like this project because I can't wait for it to be released but there has not been any progress that everyone can see in the last 2 months and yes I know that your pc had some sort of problem but you said that it would be fixed for about August, it is now September and I am still waiting here looking at the 50% mark and wondering if you have actually done anything, even if you are not developing the map as fast as you was can you at least just tell us how it is going and what you need to do because I really want to play on this map for a survival world because all the servers has either been taken down, the server is not to my liking or the server is just plain boring, and by the looks of this the map looks quite good and has a missions system that looks quite cool... and no I don't like saying this kind of stuff to developers that give us free stuff like this, if anything I support them but as I write this I am tired and a small bit annoyed and I think we would all like it if you replied to some of our comments to just kinda check up on us to see if we are still hyped for the map or just to say "hello I am still working on it and it will be here about December 12th if everything goes to plan." and if you take nothing from this, just remember I just want to see this map for myself and play around in it with a few friends and I don't want the Mathioks mod to update officially before this is completed because I really like the idea of this map and I can't see there being another update to that mod in the next year or two.
09/07/2019 8:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
animeislife6969's Avatar
Sorry if I was a bit harsh there yesterday, I'm extremely excited for this project, and I feel neglected by the lack of communication between you and the people who are waiting for this.
You haven't been talking to us about the project, I don't want to lose interest because you aren't saying anything about the map, but the project looks and seems like it is going to be a really good masterpiece when it is 100% finished
and a small suggestion is maybe make a small discord group for people to join to see the progress that isn't 100% ready to be released or just a place to have a bunch of ideas together so you can build and script faster and get the map ready for download so we do not need to wait a long time to play a good Naruto map
08/31/2019 9:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Redballerkd's Avatar
Hows the map coming along
08/21/2019 7:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rianadolfo's Avatar
How do i download?
08/18/2019 3:50 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Kaz_II's Avatar
Wow, this is really something. I can't wait to play with the map.
08/13/2019 5:56 pm
Level 28 : Expert Miner
Dragon4942's Avatar
I just repaired my PC, working on the map again, should be released in a few days.
08/31/2019 4:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
animeislife6969's Avatar
how much longer do you think it will take you?