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Outlast Minecraft Map

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PotatoKiller21 avatar PotatoKiller21
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
This is a map of Outlast in Minecraft.  I am still building the map and I will update the progress as it is completed. Keep in mind, this is the progress to the maps completion WITHOUT ENEMIES (or any sort of Mob or NPC). When the map is finished I will publish it without the enemies. After the map is published and ready for NPC's to be added to it, I will reset the maps progress status to 0%, and begin adding the enemies. Thank you for your patience! (PS: the map should be done without enemies around january 2015)
Progress50% complete

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07/02/2015 12:26 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Fredhead avatar
It looks great, just please take this advice: Make sure the tiling matches with actual game,
In the male ward it is Blue, White, then Gray for the walls, and gray for the ceiling and wooden for the floors.
11/11/2014 10:57 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
PotatoKiller21 avatar
Nice map! By now you're probably ahead of me because im still at the male ward and ive been working on that chapter for like 2 months. I kind of took a really long break from building and im going really slow but it doesnt mean im going to stop, it just means you're probably going to be done before me. So if you need my help with any of the parts that you think could be tricky to build you can just ask me. Good luck with your map!
11/02/2014 9:51 pm
Level 42 : Master Taco
Rooples avatar
Hey this is pretty good can you check out mine? i'm about the same amount as complete as you. you seem to have a godd stronghold on what needs to be built and such. ive made everyhting up to when you leave the sewers. keep going though dude!
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