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Palace Cinema (Model No.10232)

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Level 41 : Master Lego Builder
Lego Models
Recreated in Minecraft by following instructions and turning each Lego piece into Minecraft blocks.

Total blocks needed to make this in survival
(McEdit Analysis)
29067,Oak Wood Planks,(5:0)
20044,Birch Wood Planks,(5:2)
224,Jungle Wood Planks,(5:3)
58,Acacia Wood Planks,(5:4)
1728,Oak Wood (Upright),(17:0)
1834,Wool (White),(35:0)
365,Orange Wool,(35:1)
1970,Light Blue Wool,(35:3)
60,Yellow Wool,(35:4)
72,Lime Wool,(35:5)
10,Pink Wool,(35:6)
18355,Gray Wool,(35:7)
25632,Light Gray Wool,(35:8)
6831,Brown Wool,(35:12)
12345,Red Wool,(35:14)
8818,Black Wool,(35:15)
24,"Oak Wood Stairs (Bottom, South)",(53:2)
1643,White Stained Glass,(95:0)
267,Orange Stained Glass,(95:1)
93,Light Blue Stained Glass,(95:3)
281,Yellow Stained Glass,(95:4)
2,Lime Stained Glass,(95:5)
4,Pink Stained Glass,(95:6)
45,Gray Stained Glass,(95:7)
81,Light Gray Stained Glass,(95:8)
18,Blue Stained Glass,(95:11)
18,Brown Stained Glass,(95:12)
102,Red Stained Glass,(95:14)
74,Black Stained Glass,(95:15)
5002,Purple Stained Clay,(159:10)
36,Green Stained Clay,(159:13)
192,White Stained Glass Pane,(160:0)

Lego Model Instructions
CreditLego, Mojang
Progress100% complete
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