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Plant Irrigator in only One Command! (1.9)

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avatar Rsdg
Level 51 : Grandmaster Droid
Have you ever bothered that Crops do not grow at speed you really wanted to?

The irrigator is an Easy, Faster than before, One-Click intallation machine.
The machine if featured in my (currently WIP) map: Dull Dusks

You can craft an Irrigator by throwing the following items together:
  • 2 Iron Ingots
  • 1 Hay Bale
  • 1 Bone
To place the irrigator, throw it at the spot you want, and it will place at your feet.
DO NEVER PLACE IT DOWN - this wil turn it into a normal dispenser.
Water particles should appear when it is created succesfully.

Once you have placed the irrigator, put a 3x3 square of dirt on top, and tilt it with a hoe.
The farmland should immediately hydrate, so no water source block needed.
Place any crop, even beetroots, on the farmland, and they should grow relatively faster!

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(Up to 16w06a) http://pastebin.com/gsrMJBiq
(From 16w07a and 1.9)http://pastebin.com/dXfhYLM2
Requires The Grinder To Work:
Recommended Version: 15w40b+
Progress100% complete

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