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Prison Break Minecraft Adventure Map

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Prison Break is a Minecraft custom adventure map where you have to escape from a prison by finding the key.

To start download the file from the link below and put it in your saves folder located in your .minecraft folder.

1000 DOWNLOADS! Thanks Guys!


You start in a prison cell and you have no idea how you got there. You notice that the prison is abandon and you have to escape from your cell.

Spoiler from this point on:

You find a subway that can take you out of the prison but actually is a trap by Aperture Science for test subjects (This is why the prison is abandon). The AI GLaDOS puts you through testing and you later escape.

You find a time machine in the Aperture Science Research Facility that takes you back in time to when the

prison is being build. There you find the key to the prison and you go back forward in time and get back to the prison, and leave through the exit. The entire map takes about 20 minutes and is fairly easy.

Rules (listed in game):

1. Only mine clay, (wood, and leaves if needed), and other blocks that you placed.

2. Play on peaceful, and set brightness to full.

3. Only place blocks on lapis lazuli blocks.

4. You may only throw out "Q": Red Stone Torches, Paper, and flint and steel.

5. If you somehow trap your self you may use creative mode.

(But if you won't trap yourself if you follow the rules)

Progress100% complete

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