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Bedrock Edition
avatar Forr3st
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Kamusta!(Hello) My Name is FORR3ST and I welcomed you to Project Siyudad. A Open World Modern city with a beautiful view of sunset from the horizon. Give yourself a tour around the Tokyo City, and Time Square alike at the City District as may found a lot of colorful pictures and tall buildings around.

Relaxed from the wonderful view of the mountains around the park.

And check out the Recreation builds from the various popular anime series featuring, Rascal Does Not Dream, One Punch Man, Evangelion, Rent a Girlfriend, and Sword Art Online. There are a lot of awesome stuff and Easter eggs to check out around the map.

Lastly don't forget to support channel it really helps me a lot, Very much! And Of course, Thank you for anticipating the project. From that being said MABUHAY!
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