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Redstone Musical Automaton

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Meat_Mallet avatar Meat_Mallet
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
So to explain how this thing works. Well, it all runs off a central clock and four separate randomizers directly in the center of the head. The brain of course. Now the randomizers activate every clock cycle and tell a number of functions what to do. The eyes blink about 10 times every minute and occasionally move to look around. The mouth and lungs are both linked to two randomizers. A signal is sent down the spine to the voice and hand randomizers. (yes really) The voice is generated in the lungs nestled within the ribcage and syncs up to the opening and closing of the mouth, and the hands are synced so that the notes are fretted and picked in time. The voice and guitar notes are tuned to an F# minor blues scale and on a bit of a swing time for a jazzy feel. Both are completely randomized with adjustable odds for each note. The guitar, a beautiful clear glass Stratocaster with a humbucker in the bridge position, two single coil pickups and a beautiful mangrove wooden neck and black hardware, its truly breathtaking. My man takes it on an improvised musical excursion that springs forth from the muscle memory within his hands. Being improvised, sometimes its hot and sometimes its not, but The warm tone of a Blues Jr creates a moody atmosphere. Crank on the overdrive and delay for a psychedelic sound. You can mess around with a lot of the timings and odds in the randomizers for a lot of different variation on the playing. Experiment and have fun! I just ask to please give credit and let me know if used in a video or server or anything. Thanks!

Please enjoy this piece of art in its current state, as I do have a few more plans in mind for it. I do feel it is in a complete enough state to at least showcase it in a teaser video and to supply a download link. Subscribe for more mind blowing redstone content!
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