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Skybedrock 1.21 (Tricky Trials Update!!!) | Skyblock for Bedrock edition

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Bedrock Edition
Yasser444's Avatar Yasser444
Level 56 : Grandmaster Hero
(That was fast, wasn't it?)

Hello everyone, it is Yasser444.

Here you can find my hard work, The Best Skyblock map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

You don't know what Skyblock is? then it's a survival challenge where you start on a little floating island in the middle of the sky with a single tree and a chest that contains a few resources. you have to use your Minecraft knowledge to Survive, Expand, Explore, Gather resources, Farm everything, and Build anything you dream of anywhere you want.

In this Map all items, blocks, and entities are renewable.

This is version, for older versions, check out the changelogs below.

What has changed in this update? Changelog:
  • Fixed a bug with the ominous vault.
  • Removed a warning on the resource pack.
1.21.0 Changelog:
  • Trial Chambers have been added.
  • Can be located through the structure locator.
  • Disabled Hostile mobs spawning inside the trial chambers.
  • Disabled Foxes spawning on top of the trial chambers.
  • Added copper ingots, Creator music box, Scrape, and Guster pottery sherds to the trial spawner rewards.
  • Added oxidized copper and Flow pottery sherds to the ominous trial spawner rewards.
  • Added a secret item among the ominous vault rewards.
  • New trial spawners can be created by the player.
  • New trial chambers vaults can be created by using trial vault inscription on an empty vault placed on a vault altar.
  • Trial vault inscriptions are sold by cartographer villagers.
  • Empty vaults can be crafted.
  • Vault altars are structures built by players to determine the type of vault.
  • Empty spawners have been retextured and renamed.
  • Added tuff to the stray loot tables.
  • Added calcite to the bogged loot tables.
  • Enchanted golden apples can no longer be crafted.
  • Cave spiders will no longer spawn in badlands.
  • Cave spiders will no longer drop cobwebs.
  • Blocks placed on the obsidian platform will break instead of disappear when a player crosses the end border.
  • Biome detector and structure locator will always turn off instantly
  • Fixed a bug where the Played Days don't show up in the chat stack.
Quality of Life addon changes:
  • Adjusted redstone drop rate from witches to match vanilla.
  • Strays will no longer drop copper ingots.
  • Tuff and calcite crafting recipes have been moved to this addon
  • Adjusted drowned spawning conditions to match vanilla.
  • Silverfish can no longer spawn in windswept hills.
Extra Items addon changes:
  • Added crafting recipes for infested blocks.
  • Infested blocks can no longer be obtained by punching silverfish with a stone block.

Download and Install
  • Click the Download button to download the map.
  • Double-click the mcworld file and it will import into Minecraft automatically.
  • If the world didn't import automatically, right-click (or long press on mobile), choose 'Open with', and select Minecraft.
  • If you are on Android and didn't find Minecraft, go to "Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds" and create a folder extract the mcworld file in that folder.

Map Information

All the map information is explained in detail in the 'How to Play' screen, Click the '?' icon in your inventory to open that screen.

Play the Newest Version

To update to a newer version of the map download the latest release and copy your builds and data using structure blocks and/or external apps.

Update Your Achievements

Achievements have been left unfinished in this update to release it within a reasonable amount of time. More Achievements will be released in GitHub as I make them, follow this guide to learn more on how to update your achievements without needing to update the whole map and lose your progress

  • Play on Minecraft BE 1.21.0 or higher.
  • Actual Map size is 7MB
  • Playable as Single-player or Multiplayer.
  • Created and developed by one person.
  • Many special custom features.
  • Includes 2 Optional addons.
  • Custom mob drops.
  • Custom recipes.
  • Unique features.
  • Great in-game documentation.
  • A new awesome achievements system.
  • Over 210 achievements to keep you busy. (work in progress)
  • Built-in biome detector and structure locator.
Base Addon:
  • Enchanted Golden Apples
  • Horse armor
Quality of Life:
  • Tuff
  • Calcite
  • Diorite
  • Granite
  • Red Sand
  • Coral Blocks
Extra Addon:
  • Reinforced Deepslate
  • Infested Blocks
  • Smooth Purpur
  • Chiseled Purpur
  • Potion of Decay

Mob Drops
Base Addon:
  • Sand from Husks
  • Tuff from Strays
  • Calcite from the Bogged
  • Wet Sponge from Guardians
  • Pigstep from Piglins
  • Gilded Blackstone from Piglin Brutes
  • Otherside from Charged Creepers
  • Echo Shards, Disk 5 Fragments, and Silence from Wardens
  • Dragon Head from Ender Dragons
Quality of Life:
  • Gravel from Zombies
  • More Sand from Husks
  • More Copper from Drowneds
  • More Glowstone from Witches
  • Netherrack from Zombie Piglins
  • Blackstone from Magma Cubes
  • Quartz from Blazes
  • Soul Sand from wither Skeletons
  • Soul Soil from Ghasts
Extra Addon:
  • Frogspawn from Frogs

Other Features
Base Addon:
  • Fake Ores to replace vanilla Ores.
  • Netherite and Snout from Bartering
  • End Stone by Endermites
  • Sculk to Deepslate conversion
  • Budding Amethyst by Nether Stars
  • Raw Ores by Axolotls
  • Elytra by Frogs and Bees
  • Regeneration of Suspicious Blocks
  • Petrified Oak Slabs
  • Swift Sneak from Fishing
  • Copper from trial spawners
  • Camels spawn in Deserts
  • Cave Spiders spawn in Badlands.
  • Totems save you from the Void.
  • Working Pillager Outpost, Swamp Hut, and Ocean Monument
  • Working Eyes of Ender
  • Piglin to Brute Conversion
  • Guardian to Elder Guardian Conversion
  • Bonemeal can be used to grow Spore Blossoms
  • Tall Grass, Large Fern, and Small Dripleaves by the Sniffers
  • Netherite Upgrades in Ruined Portals
  • Biome Detector
  • Structure Locator
  • Guidebook
  • Custom How to Play screen.
  • Sky Treasure Map
  • Diamond Chicken
  • Monster Spawners creating
  • Trial Spawner creating
  • Vault creating
  • Infinite overworld and Nether Dimension
  • Limited end dimension
Quality of Life:
  • More Redstone and Lapis from Clerics
  • More Glass from Librarians
  • More Terracotta and Quartz from Masons
  • Sandstone and red Sandstone from Masons
  • More Lily Pads from Fishing
  • Silverfish spawn in Windswept Hills
  • More Drowneds spawn in Dripstone Caves
Extra Addon:
  • Dragon Eggs can be summoned
  • Endermen can pick up more blocks
  • Player Heads are obtainable
  • Zombies can convert Horses
  • Sniffers can find Chorus Plants
  • Sculk Shrieker naturalization.

*This is just a summary of the features; more details can be found in the How to Play screen inside the game*

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!
Whether you want to report any bugs, share some ideas, or suggest improvements to my code, feel free to create issues or discussions on the map page on GitHub.
I have spent almost 4 years developing this map so please support me if you want,
Diamond, share, favorite, and positive comments if you liked the map.
Enjoy 😆

btw, if you are an old Skybedrock player and happened to have the zip file of the missing 1.8.0 version, it would be much appreciated if you would send it to me.

*Do not share a direct Download link*
CreditMade by Yasser444
Progress100% complete

47 Update Logs

Skybedrock (hotfix) : by Yasser444 06/15/2024 4:19:57 pmJun 15th

What has changed in this update?
  • Fixed a bug with the ominous vault.
  • Removed a warning on the resource pack.
Minecraft Version: Bedrock 1.21.0
Download Link: Skybedrock

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06/21/2024 11:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
zmanthecool's Avatar
Hello! I made a world with a friend, and I am really enjoying it. However, I just built a mob farm where the mangrove swamp island used to be but monsters are not spawning. Do you have any idea why this might be?
06/21/2024 7:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User5202925G's Avatar
Disculpa hice un montón spawner el el área de desierto pero en vez de husk, me aparecen zombies normales, como puedo solucionar eso???
06/18/2024 10:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
A_Gamer's Avatar
Sorry to bug you, this looks like a fun map and it won’t let me load in please help
It tells me that a newer version of the game has saved this world. It cannot be loaded unable to connect to world. If you could help me I would appreciate it.
06/18/2024 10:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
A_Gamer's Avatar
Never mind I just had to update
06/13/2024 1:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bro is there trial chamber structure thingy? if no can u put it plss
06/14/2024 10:07 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Hero
Yasser444's Avatar
There is. know that the trial chambers was just released yesterday.
06/14/2024 2:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Thanks for the update, bro. I wish you more success.
06/12/2024 5:00 pm
She/They • Level 1 : New System
Zeninari's Avatar
i have an odd request, i recently decided to check for maps and found this map, but i have an issue that I'm not sure if i can fix but i want to ask anyway.

i am someone who normally grabs things from the marketplace so i didn't think i could look elsewhere until now. add-ons were added to Minecraft not long ago and this is where my question lies.

i tried to enable a pack called tinkers construct, but it doesn't seem to fully load properly and I'm not sure why. id like to ask if there's any way i can fix this as i want to be able to use tinkers construct properly in the map if possible. if its not possible to do this just let me know in a comment its fine if i can't use it, but I'm asking in case its a bug and it can be fixed. Also if your wondering why i want to use tinkers construct, its simple. i just really enjoy what tinkers construct adds to any map, using it on my main survival i created a week ago and its a blast.

any response is very appreciated Yasser444, and sorry for this very dumb question

  best regards, Zeninari
06/14/2024 10:16 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Hero
Yasser444's Avatar
Ah, that makes sense, yeah market place addons really dislike experimental features for no reason, was actually referring to tinker's bedrock addon for bedrock edition on curse forge, and from what i have seen by just glancing the code, it seems compatible with my map, i haven't tested it, but if you really want to play it on my map, you can try (the only issue that you may find is that the thinker's ores won't generate in a sky world)
in any case, thanks for responding and have a nice day, i have updated the map today for 1.21, enjoy!
06/15/2024 1:47 am
She/They • Level 1 : New System
Zeninari's Avatar
this is actually intresting it seems someone ported the mod themself a while before addons were in the marketplace, ill check this out as an alternative.
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