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Level 31 : Artisan Network
Its time for some more skyblock.

You've seen or may have heard about Skyblock. Now imagine playing skyblock with others around you trying make a fool of you. This is your chance to take your revenge with this new arena Skyblock PVP Battle.

4 Teams, 4 Skyblock islands, 1 mission....eliminate the others.

Play up to 8 players on this map. Build up your islands with your starter materials, expand to make your land more protective and be the first to get to the surrounding chests and get those resources that will help you defeat your enemies.

You will start off in the lobby area. Choose your team and hit the lever when you're team is ready. Once all teams are ready and has hit their 'ready' lever. Game Starter person will hit the lever which will provide a 30 second delay just in case the starter person wants to play as well. Once the 30 second delay is up, you better not move and you will drop down to the drop zone on your skyblock island. Next, fight to the finish. Once you die, you will become a ghost and enjoy a magnificent view on our observation desk.


- You may break and place any blocks only once the game has started and you are not at spawn.
- Other than that, there are no rules...try to defeat the other teams and not get killed

Be sure to diamond this map for some more amazing Skyblock PVP Arenas.

An Official Map of the VMGNetwork.
Map made by Jon Ho and the MineWorld Team

Be sure to like and subscribe to us on YouTube


You may use this map for personal games and gameplay recordings. You can use this map for servers but please get permission from us first.

If you are posting and playing this map for YouTube, please credit us by linking to our channel and also our map. That will be very appreciated. Please do not fully copy our map nor please do not re-upload it.

CreditSwipeShotTeam, Jon Ho, VMGNetwork
Progress100% complete

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