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Spy Gear - Only One Command

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Code202 avatar Code202
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
Hello! Today, I've made four awesome spy items that have crazy abilities!

Click here for the command!

Spy Boots - Iron Boots + Redstone Block
PAD Controller - Iron Block + Compass
Spy Car - Minecart + Iron Block + Redstone Block
Timer TNT - TNT + Redstone Block
All recipes are floor crafting

After equipping the Spy Boots, sneak to become invisible for three seconds! Hold the PAD Controller
to open up the GUI screen in chat. Click PAD1 to spawn PAD1, click PAD2 to spawn PAD2 and Remove
to remove PADs within five blocks. When clicking PAD1 or PAD2, they will replace any other PAD1 or
PAD2 in the world in the position you are standing in. Walk in to either one to be teleported to the other,
for example, PAD1 would take you to PAD2, PAD2 would take you to PAD1. Place the Spy Car on rails
to spawn it. After getting in it, you can drive in the direction you are looking. Look up to use the rocket
boosters, as no Spy Car is complete with rocket boosters! By doing this, you will fly up into the air! The last
item is the Timer Bomb. After placing this, the bomb will detonate in approximately ten seconds, causing
a decent explosion!

By Code202

For 1.9
Progress100% complete

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05/28/2016 10:03 am
Level 26 : Expert Dragon
Blazyy avatar
05/28/2016 4:58 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
Code202 avatar
Awesome, I really appreciate it! I don't believe I explained how the Spy Car worked very well, as you only need to place it on rails, and then you can drive it of the rails it will keep going in the direction your facing! The rest was pretty well explained in the video, good job!

And again, thanks alot! :)
05/29/2016 5:21 am
Level 26 : Expert Dragon
Blazyy avatar
no problem :P
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