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Stonehaven - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal)

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Stonehaven - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal) Minecraft Map

Stonehaven - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal) Minecraft MapStonehaven - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal) Minecraft Map

Stonehaven 1.1 UPDATE
Lets just jump to the map details.


Middle has been redone
End portals have been redone
Emerald locations have been edited
Each base has a couple more blocks added to the roofing

Middle now has 13 DIAMONDS
Emerald mines each now have 8 EMERALDS
All other mines have stayed the same.

1.1 Schematic Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?3tm58bhb331n8xk
1.1 Update Video: ... stay tuned
1.1 All Images: http://imgur.com/a/xI28K

Other than middle, emerald mine, and end portals. Nothing else has been touched!
If you like the 1.0 version better, please state so in the comment section below!

Stonehaven 1.0

Stonehaven 1.0 is here, one of my first Annihilation maps! This one has me pretty excited and I am very excited to show all of you what I've got as a finishing product. I believe this map is something special. Before I get to that though. Let me just walk through the checklist and answer all the of the requirements so you all know the "specifics".

MAP is 256x256
Requirements listed on Matt486's Thread
You must have the following:
-4 Different bases: ✓

Each base must have the following:
-Melons supply: ✓
-Log/Wood supply: ✓
-1 Redstone mine: ✓ 14 Redstone
-1 Lapis mine: ✓ 14 Lapis
-1 Gold mine: ✓ 31 Gold
-1-2 Iron mines: ✓ 18 Iron in one mine ... 20 Iron in other mine
-1-2 Coal mines: ✓ 14 Coal in one mine ... 12 Coal in other mine
-2 Emerald mines between bases: ✓ 5 Emerald in each
-You must have a middle with 7 to 15 diamonds: ✓ 10 Diamonds
-A nexus: ✓
-Level 30 enchantment table: ✓
-A nether portal (for class switching): ✓ (Added after video was posted)
-The map must be mirrored across all 4 sections: ✓
-Have 2 end portals on the map each between 2 of the 4 bases: ✓

1.0 Renders: http://imgur.com/a/W01MX
1.0 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/UCBze
1.0 Schematic download: https://www.mediafire.com/?5elsioxiqyym4h2

View it on Shotbow: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/stonehaven-1-0.349384/


If you've made it this far I must say thank you. It seems much appreciated when people read the whole thread because I admit, there is a lot of work and thought process in making an Annihilation map.
I want to thank everyone who is supporting this map! Also, I want to thank everyone who wants to give constructive criticism, or constructive compliments about the map. Everyone can learn some more from other people!
Remember to like this thread if you want to see this map in game!
CreditSlobobb - Render Help & Ranger_Butch - Render Help
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Stonehaven 1.1 : by Friendly123 06/21/2016 2:18:39 pmJun 21st, 2016

Huge update for this map: STONEHAVEN 1.1
Based on the feedback I got on Shotbow, people didn't like the middle of the map. Edited that to fit something more "Unique"
Also felt that I left the End Portals a little "blank" so I edited that.
Emerald mines have been edited.
All other mines are the same.
The base roofs have been edited slightly.
Stonehaven 1.1 Schematic has been uploaded!

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