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Level 34 : Artisan Modder
This map is the first of the map series called Stranded. the map allows a player to go on search for treasures and live off one single island. Also it has some mods you can download if you want, for example zan's minimap or more tree's.

Additional Notes

-No cheating
-Play Lagit that means dont spawn items, instant mine, fly hack ect.
-Make a Treasure chest and put the reward from your treasure findings in that.
-If you want to be in the Completed Treasure Hunters: V1.0 please post screenshots showing the treasures in the chest for all the chests and ill add you on the wall.
-Have Fun
-Dont leave the island... going out a few blocks is ok but stay within range of the island.
-Other Mods are welcome but please keep them within reason

-Zan's Minimap: If you download Zan's Minimap you can use the file given within the rar to add the Cordinantes to the minimap so you know where some of the treasures are. If you dont you will be playing at a harder level so thats not a bad thing i actually love people that play that way. But anyways through out the map when you find treasures sometimes they might have cordinantes to other Treasures but unfortunantly the 1.0 Release of Stranded wont be as challanging so all the cordinantes will be given. Also if you want to know the color for the reward from these cordinantes here: Green = Easy, Red = Hard, There is no medium sorry. <- note that doesnt go for 1.0

-More Tree's: If you download Nanadolts more tree's mod and place the more tree's Stranded map in then you will be able to play with the tree mod. Its a amazing mod so i would suggest getting it.

- Mo' Creatures,Quintessential Creatures: You may add them into the game but they will have to spawn normaly not with spawners sorry. But yes they do help out alot and bad news is you got a higher chance of getting the rare monsters on the island so be carful ( or wait for a pegasus lol )


*Only for the Beta 1.4 Download below*

-Take the texturepacks but keep them within the rars and move to your desktop.
-Open your minecraft
-Click Add Texturpack
-(i think thats how u do it). Place them within the folder and boom done.

Zan's Mini-map Way point's
-Find the File that says the locations for your map. Their will be two so make sure you have the right one.
- Drag and Drop them within the .Minecraft folder before bin.
- Open minecraft and log into the map see if it works if it does then there you go if it doesnt sorry i tried.

Old Download: www.megaupload.com/?d=0BT8PLHA
Progress: 100% Complete

Update #3 : 06/01/2011 2:28:53 pm6/01/11

Update #3: Many know i said i wasn't going to update the Stranded Island Map. Well im thinking about making a another one. This Map will be called: Stranded Island - Moment In time, I might change the name i might not, i might even change the set up to the Stranded island maps. anyways i've posted a video for a competition that features this map so i hope everyone like it. Please put your creative ideas on what the next stranded island map should be.

Update #2:

Update #2 : 05/11/2011 5:01:58 pm5/11/11

* There will be no more updates for the Stranded map!, When i make another one then i will place it up again. Feel free to leave comments below if you think there should be an update like if there is a bug or something.

Update #1 : 04/22/2011 11:23:45 am4/22/11

Update: This map will be updated so the files has No Texturepacks and No Cordinants but it will have a note pad telling you every location.

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  • thomilo44
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Pony
  • December 15, 2012, 6:52 am
you know , the basic minecraft story is 'you stranded on an island' ...
  • Arbr
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Modder
  • September 19, 2011, 11:38 am
2000 views EPIC! thanks
  • Ganom
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • May 11, 2011, 2:49 pm
Oh fml, i just walked up the mountain and thinking oo whats in here? Its lava.. died within 20 seconds of starting.
  • Arbr
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Modder
  • May 13, 2011, 1:44 pm
lol :P
  • aaronics10
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Ranger
  • April 24, 2011, 12:12 pm
This map is awsome im sad cuz i hav to wait for more trees to come back out so i can play again
  • Zaralith
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Wizard
  • April 20, 2011, 7:09 pm
Nice volcano in the center. Wish that the terrain generator could make things like that. It is nice to see someone creating nature for a change.
  • Arbr
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Modder
  • April 17, 2011, 8:46 am
Sad Face :"{ i wanted this to be more views/comments/downloads than hannah lost in the sand but i guess people dont want to.
  • smokindnk
  • Level 33
  • Artisan Ninja
  • April 15, 2011, 11:11 pm
Is this at all based on Stranded the game?
  • Arbr
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Modder
  • April 16, 2011, 1:45 am
No this map was based of the: Survival Island series, and i liked that series so much i changed a few things and made it my own but still is based of that series. Ill check the stranded game out it might have some things similar but i dont know probably not.
  • smokindnk
  • Level 33
  • Artisan Ninja
  • April 16, 2011, 12:14 pm
Stranded 2 is way better then the first, it's like MC in the sense that they don't focus on flashy graphics just fun gameplay. I recomend it to any gamer. http://www.unrealsoftware.de/game_stranded2.php
  • Arbr
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Modder
  • April 15, 2011, 6:55 pm
Note: everything on this map is pretty much hand made.

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