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~STRANGLEHOLD~ A john woo inspired adventure map


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Level 28 : Expert Architect
Your name is Tequila (chow yun fat) and you are here to find out who killed a local police man. you have guns. you have violence in your veins. you have your reason.


Based on the action packed game Stranglehold and the incredible cinema gunplay by john woo comes a minecraft mini game like you never seen before. introducing custom weapons that shoot bullets and destroys a heapful of blocks can destroy glass and crack stones and other various blocks. blood for more epic gunplay aswell as slowmotion added for more cinematic gunplay "tequila time" use optifine and around 2 gigs of ram for minecraft to run smooth as this has over 900 command blocks and still more being added. follow the storyline and enjoy a john woo inspired classic.

versions 1.8 due to alot of commands not working in 1.9+ if you would like to help with converting the commands to 1.9+ please message me. i'll send you the text document. but for now you'll only recieve the released 1.8 version of the adventure map.


What to expect in the map

slowmotion gunplay

awesome visual effects

breakable blocks

blood particles and trails

interactive environment
Credit:brashexodus commands
Progress: 55% Complete

Update #2 : 01/23/2017 1:28:19 am1/23/17

Updated the texturepack to work well with the game. added more textures that can be broken

now have over 77 blocks that can be destroyed from all sides.

storyline almost done

demo map will be coming out soon

Update #1 : 01/17/2017 3:55:09 am1/17/17

finished mission 1 aswell as added more breakable blocks and more slowmotion effects towards the game

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