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The Real DanTDM Original Laboratory

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PashminaSamantha's Avatar PashminaSamantha
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From PashminaSamantha, comes a map of the real, the official original lab Dan used in 2015. I used the thumbnail "Revisiting the OLD MINECRAFT LAB.. 3 Years Later.." to make the main part of it. The video linked down below was to remake each and every treasure room. Not every treasure room has been added though. I'm still workin' on that. The mods I used were ProjectE (PE1.3.1), Worldedit (6.1.4), and Youtubers+ (1.10.4), all in 1.10.2. I replicated everything as best I could without most of the old mods. The numbers in parentheses next to mods are the versions I used.

Any version of Minecraft works, just if you want to run the mods I suggest using Forge 1.10.2 (a stable version).
*PLEASE NOTE: The pressure plate that opens the treasure room is not there and will have to get it using creative.

Revisiting the OLD MINECRAFT LAB.. 3 Years Later..
Progress100% complete

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Update #3 : by PashminaSamantha 01/31/2024 7:45:47 pmJan 31st

Description update (without editing): ProjectE is fully optional if you're downloading the map. The map does not require the mod, I just was mentioning it as being an assistant in building the rooms underground.

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08/06/2020 11:18 am
Level 1 : New Network
GlitchTrap_The-KILLER's Avatar
You are making my dream come true to see DanTDMs Lab
08/06/2020 11:50 am
Level 20 : Expert Crafter
PashminaSamantha's Avatar
Thank you so much! I love to see some people's dreams come true!
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