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[Java 1.16.5] The Ruins of Cyandelta

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This build is a special one because it actually has two versions, this version; The Ruins of Cyandelta and another version; The Better Times in Cyandelta. The Ruins of Cyandelta is a ruined town on a small plain, near a birch forest, and a swamp. The Town has a lot of detail, with each ruined house having an interior made for it, to show previous signs of life. The Town is protected by walls, although there are holes in them, and most of the gates are a little worse for wear.

The Better Times in Cyandelta is now available to everyone;

[Java 1.16.5+] The Better Times in Cyandelta


Ruined Town of Cyandelta
Multiples Buildings; Adventurers Guild, Blacksmith, Butcher, etc.
Custom Dark Oak Tree
Fields of Wheat

The Lore is what you make of it.

My Interpretation:
The town was founded by a distant empire, meant to serve as a staging point for the adventurers guild in the north. The empire had another use for it, it was meant to serve as an outpost to watch another empire that was in the north. The two eventually went to war, because Cyandelta was close, it was raided by the north first, as they made their way south. Over time, nature has reclaimed it, and signs of passing travelers are left in it. What will you do with it now that you have arrived?

This is a Java world, in 1.16.5. The world has no generation changes, it is just a normal world. Meaning you can use it as your survival world, go slay the dragon!

1.16.5 +

1.Download the file from this site
2.Extract the world from the zipped file.
3.Input it into your saves file within your Minecraft folder.
4.Open up Minecraft and it should be in your single-player section.

Please do not steal this and mark it off as your own. If you do take it and use it as a survival world or a build world, I would love to see what you do with it!

Progress100% complete

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