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Titan's Creek [1000 x 1000 Custom Terrain]

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avatar Medi Daner
Contest Judge
Level 56 : Grandmaster Terraformer
“Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”

To the north of the Scarred Ridge lies Titan's Creek. The mountains are shattered - it is an equally broken land -
however the valleys are filled with lazy snowflakes and cozy dens. Lakes dominate the lowlands and, despite the cold,
ducks happily splash around and raise their young there before huddling back into the reeds for warmth. Titan's
Creek is a land as peaceful as it is intimidating. A silent chill in the air keeps the calm.

Titan's Creek is the first map I've made for PMC in over a year! It's good to break the hiatus and upload something
new, I hope to be uploading a lot more often. I've primarily used WorldMachine for this map which breaks a long
time pattern for me as the majority of my maps were made in WorldPainter only. I'm still experimenting with
the program and seeing what I can make in there, this is only something small and quick to let you guys know I'm still alive!

I'm now taking commissions, if you're interested in some high quality terrain PM me or add me on Skype, my username is 'GWterrain'

I used the following tools to create this map:
  • WorldPainter (for creating the map)
  • Chunky (for rendering the map)
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Progress100% complete

11/28/2017 5:20 pm
Level 24 : Expert Narwhal
Wait are all your maps going to be merged into one?

Just wondering because you said this is north of the scarred ridge
11/28/2017 5:54 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Terraformer
Medi Daner
Could be interesting one day but I don't think so - if I ever put them all together they won't be linked, rather connected by teleports or tunnels. I just say it's north because I like to create a whole linked world out of my terrains even if I don't currently have plans to link them. The best terrains come from careful thought and backstory, and a part of this area's backstory is it's location as north of the peaceful Scarred Ridge.
11/20/2017 1:08 pm
Level 45 : Master Artist
its magnificant dude you are awsome
11/20/2017 2:57 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Terraformer
Medi Daner
Glad you like it boy
11/19/2017 3:22 pm
Level 49 : Master Pirate
Great looking map nice job
11/19/2017 4:06 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Terraformer
Medi Daner
Thank you brother, appreciate it!
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