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Welcome to my 3D Art.

This building was created using manazaka`s city resource pack.

This building is the Tribowl of Central Park in Songdo, Incheon City, Seoul.
This is a building made by participating in an architectural event in Korea, and it was remodeled with my resource pack.

The architect made it for an international event in Incheon, so we signed a contract with the city of Incheon to demolish it after the event.
However, unexpectedly, the building became famous, so Incheon City decided to keep it as a performance facility.

Currently, the building operates as a performance hall and art gallery.

-schem file-
'Paste' files 1-8 at one point
'Paste' files 9-10 in the place where the character in the screenshot is standing

I hope this helps those who use my resource pack.

※ Some changes may be made by updating the resource pack.
※ It may differ slightly from the image.
※ The item table has not been placed.
※ The schem file is included in the compressed file.


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