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Ultima Online Remake Map - Revisiting UO through Minecraft Eyes

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Dynamp: Live Dynmap (watch us build)


The aim of this project is to remake the classic Ultima Online world using Minecraft.

With the exception of minor tweaks to uphold maximum aesthetic pleasure, the build will be an accurate representation of the Ultima Online: The Second Age expansion world.


The project originally kicked off in February 2013 but was abandoned in March 2013 due to other commitments. Then we abadoned again in July 2014 due to the amount of work with landscaping. Now we're back! The Third attempt. More information below!


All project participants have Minecraft and Ultima Online backgrounds so naturally this project resonated with all of us.

Leonsii (xyth3R)

Hey UO fans, names Leonsii (xyth3r) and I want to create a reimagining of Britannia within Minecraft. I've played the game for various years in my childhood, only on private shards. This doesn;t mean I don't share the same experiences as those who played solely on OSI. PK'd on sight, betrayals by guild mates, AFK Macroing for days just to boast about having skills and having all out guild wars with other guilds in towns such as Occolo or Cove graveyard to name a few.

Then it happened. Minecraft was brought into my radar during alpha. I invested in a copy, logged onto a server from the good ol server list miencraft used to have. Got banned for breaking a dirt, my very first dirt block. Never touched it again. However, obviously you couldn't really escape minecraft news, and as more and more posts were brought to my attention, especially the survival side of things being fleshed out. I start to realise. Wait a sec. I could revisit Ultima Online through this very game.

Of course at the start my building skills and minecraft knowledge weren't up to par. Building only boxes, out of wood planks, all those mistakes the usual newcomer has. No sense of detail that only comes with experience. Experience I've gained through my time on various servers ( Minecapital, Aushcsmp, Addstar and Orionau), as well as trying to run my own (GamingWeLike Survival). I've met builders of various skill levels, giving me more clue and the ability to finally understand this project, and know for sure I could get this done.

Using all the tools I have at my disposal (Ultima Online Sphere Server, UO Automap, InsideUO, Spritecraft, McEdit, Bukkit (and the various of plugins that comes with it, ESPECIALLY WORLDEDIT AS WELL AS BUZZ96!) I hope to finish this project, may take years, but with the help and his motivation boost to not stop, of my long time companion from CS, waktool, we can achieve it.


I started playing OSI when Oceania was launched in early 2000. Predominantly a Trammy noob, I played a LJ. After playing (paying) legitimate for a few months I discovered the world of Sphere/RunUO. I have since played on a number of free PVP/PVM shards including Land of Chaos, Land of Kalmiria, Cherished Kingdom and World of Dread.

I’ve played Minecraft since 25 December 2010 on a number of custom servers including Games.on.net, AUSHCSMP and Addstar MC.

Buzz96 (Special Thanks to this Bloke!)

One day I was playing with CustomNPC's editor and I said to myself: "This mod so great, I can make every mob I want with it". I began to make mobs from my favourite online game: Ultima Online. And then I've got an idea - make UO world in minecraft. I began to build, and, finally, I understood that world is so big. As I'am a programmer I decided to make a world converter for this task...

Creditwaktool, buzz96
Progress25% complete

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Update #10 : by xyth3R 10/30/2015 5:49:02 pmOct 30th, 2015

Gallery Week #2

Apologies for the lack of updates, have been doing mcedit work on the map for the past week, should get back into it soon.


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Keep up the great work!
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