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avatar EndPlayz
Level 16 : Journeyman Cake
It is the year 2037 and US scientists made a viable black hole drive, which can be used to generate insane amounts of energy, as long as you feed it enough mass. Because of that higher density matter like gold and osmium are perfect as fuel, which started a massive increase in astroid mining. Countries around the world tried to switch to black hole reactors, but it was too late...

Around the year 2040 scientists made the conclusion that the earth cant be saved anymore, because the humans have exploited it too much. Because of this leaders around the world decided that they needed to put their differences aside and work togheter to make sure humanity can survive. Engineers, physicists and other scientists from around the world started to make ways humanity could survive in space, like space stations, even better astroid mining and space vehicles for transportation.

After large amounts of calculations, technical difficulties and complete failures, in the year 2048 the space stations can sustain relatively large human populations, and the space exploration vehicles are ready to colonise different planets. Both use the black hole drive as the main energy source, which is one of the really big supporters of planetary colonisation.

This spaceship was built for the 2048 build contest.

The ship includes(but is not limited to):
-A black hole power generator
-Genetically modified trees that produce a lot of oxygen with not too many nutrients
-Dorm rooms for astronauts
-A kitchen
-Redstone doors

If you like the build, dont be shy to give it a diamond!

Hope you enjoy it,
Progress100% complete

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