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Warehouse 13 (updated)

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TheDarkWilliams's Avatar TheDarkWilliams
Level 41 : Master Architect
I am now rebuilding the warehouse. it is going to bigger and better then before.
this is Warehouse 13 from the tv show Warehouse 13
pretty much everything in this warehouse is explore-able
there will be a download
if you use ANY of my maps in servers or realms you MUST give me Credit for building them.

You do not need mods for this anymore,
i was having trouble with 1.12.2 forge.
have had to move this map to 1.19, so there are no mods.

you must read update logs for important information

Thing's that are complete:
  • Artie's Office(updated),
  • The Pete Cave and motor bike aisle,
  • Windmill,
  • 42nd Street Artifact,
  • Ferris wheel,
  • Helicopter,
  • The Ancient Archives(updated),
  • The Ovoid Quarantine(updated),
  • Trojan Horse,
  • Easter Island Statues,
  • The Farnsworth Aisle,
  • Lancaster Bomber,
  • Esther Vault,
  • Aisle of Noel,
Thing's that are being built:
  • Mayan Temples,
  • H.G.Wells Section/H.G. Time Machine,
  • Warehouse heating core (Lyman Forenax),
  • The Ancient Regent Sanctum,
  • Dark Vault,
  • The Aisle Of The Widows Sons,
  • Under The Warehouse,
  • The Bronze Sector,
  • IRS Sector,

Thing's that are yet to come:
  • Univille,
  • Leena's B&B,
  • Warehouse 2, (will be available on a separate world)
  • Warehouse 14, (will be available on a separate world)
  • Warehouse 12, (will be available on a separate world)
  • dead agent vault,
  • Fortress 13 (from Douglas Fargo's B.R.A.I.D game),
  • RAF Jet fighters,
  • HMS Titanic,
  • Paracelsus Alternative Warehouse 13
much more to come......

Progress25% complete

19 Update Logs

Update #19 : by TheDarkWilliams 06/24/2022 6:13:52 pmJun 24th, 2022

A lot of progress is being made today. once I've added a few more things, I'll release the new updated world download.

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04/29/2020 5:13 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
TheDarkWilliams's Avatar
The Download has been released
02/13/2020 1:18 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
TheRexxars's Avatar
Hello DarkWilliams.

I've been following this project for almost 3 years now. and I'd just like to say that I give you the utmost, highest encouragement with this project. you honestly have no idea how much I need this.

I'm not telling you to work on it now, or finish it any time soon. I'm just saying *please* don't abandon this project. and if you do, I'd still love a world download.

I haven't seen anyone else who put this much effort into the Warehouse (maybe except me, but that's my own WH 13 project I haven't shown off yet)
if you ever considered collabing on this project, which if you don't want to, you don't have to. but from me seeing your other projects, we're quite similar people in my opinion.

Have a nice day!

*edit: if you'd like to see my Warehouse 13, which is more of the 14th imo, I'll showcase it to you! (just for you..)
04/27/2020 7:58 am
Level 41 : Master Architect
TheDarkWilliams's Avatar
Hi TheRexxars,

I do hope you are still following my project cause i have been working on it A LOT the past few days, and am thinking of releasing a download for it once i have added a few more "on screen" things like the Lyman Forenax.

I am glad you like my project, and i hope you enjoy roaming around on it once i have released the download.

Have a wonderful day! :)

*Edit (yes i would like to see your WH 13 project)
05/13/2020 4:49 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
TheRexxars's Avatar
Hello there!

Unfortunately, I'm stuck visiting relatives, and the laptop I brought is extremely slow and can't really handle Minecraft. I should be home soon so I'll message you an Imgur album of the "Warehouse" I built.

Now keep in mind, I'm taking more inspiration on my build, and it barely has any of the same places. but it still is one colossal warehouse with kind of the same idea. so once I'm home (in the next few days) I'll send some screenshots.

also, listen, I'm SO EXCITED you put out the download, and I can't wait to see it in its glory! Thank you so much! The 3-year wait is going to pay off!
05/13/2020 5:10 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
TheDarkWilliams's Avatar
well you will be pleased at the fact that i have made major updates to my warehouse. i will be uploading a new download for the map soon.
01/21/2018 4:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
 Austinmartin1985's Avatar
Are you still working on this map?
01/22/2018 1:25 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
TheDarkWilliams's Avatar
07/29/2017 6:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Spasticon1's Avatar
So... How's progress?
07/30/2017 3:29 am
Level 41 : Master Architect
TheDarkWilliams's Avatar
it's good, still a lot to do.
07/14/2017 1:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheMa4atins's Avatar
how donwolad this map
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