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World Trade Center, Moore City

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avatar king_michael_III
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
To interact with this project, please join the server:
To find this amazing project constructed by hand, (mostly me), you gotta join c.sneyersul.eu! Once there, vote for our server so this creation does not die! Sneyersul is struggling hard. At this rate, this time in 2 years, it might not exist. More is on the way of the beautiful creation and server from all kinds of players. The players have very different backgrounds and are very diverse, creating a unique environment to build and play! Build some stuff, make some friends, and have some fun! You are welcome to explore anything in Moore, and almost anything on Sneyersul! Thank you for your time, and please consider joining to see what its like. At first, you might think, "This server is dead." which it could be without your help! Sneyersul also has a survival factions server, and a skyblock server. More might be coming, so stay tuned and join!
The twin towers were not built using W/E, however certain parts of the city were.
This project is plot -15;-15 on
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Creditking_michael_III (Lead Designer) GslamaTheDoctor Bed_Rock10 Arock1roll wyattjacob1 Syncro Llamaduck3000
Progress100% complete

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