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Level 18 : Journeyman Unicorn

Server Info : RID 1519873

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Status: Offline Pinged: 03/05/15
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.8
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•°º CONNECT: pvp.siegecraftmc.com º°•

•°º [ Server Features ] º°•

99.99% Uptime
PvP Mines - Fight for control of a resource-filled obsidian mine every 22 hours

Factions - Grab a group of friends and dominate the server

Balanced mcMMO - Constantly updated, completely balanced

Economy - Player-run Economy (trading, player shops, Auctions)

Player Shops - Rent a stall, decorate it and sell your items!

Votifier - Earn rewards in game for voting! You could also get lucky and win some awesome stuff!

Combat Log prevention - Know that fights will be as fair as possible, no easy ways out!

Parkour Maps - 8 Levels; Easy - "Impossible"

2 Mob Arenas - Earn rewards by fighting mobs by yourself or with friends

Spleef - Play a quick game of Spleef in between raiding

Sky Wars - Blow off some steam with Sky Wars

Paintball - Climb your way to the top of the bracket in Paintball!

And so much more, with more being added constantly!

TeamSpeak IP: ts.siegecraftmc.com

Additional Notes

Siegecraft is a 2.5 year old top notch, dedicated and lag-free 1.7 survival server that is focused primarily on the community. We have: PVP, Factions, mcMMO, Spleef, Mob Arena, Paintball, PvP Mines, Jump Maps/Parkour & so much more!

Update #5 : 08/18/2013 5:58:36 pm8/18/13


Horsemount was just released on SiegeCraft, so now everyone has the ability to /mount for free! You can /mount as often and however many times as you please, but you cannot /mount while in combat. You can, however, PvP while on a horse.

The default horse that all players have access to is a Brown horse (in the image to the left).

Donators have access to other horse varieties, as they are given our per rank. Horses for Donators only change the appearance of the horses and does not give Donators an upper-hand in the slightest bit.

I hope you guys enjoy the plugin, and have fun!

IP: pvp.siegecraftmc.com

Update #4 : 05/11/2013 2:47:04 pm5/11/13


Come play Slot Machines and buy tickets to a few different Lotteries at the new SiegeCraft Casino!

Visit the portal at the back right of Spawn to head on over to the Casino!

Current Lotteries:

Current Pot: 1,000,000 cubits
Ticket Cost: 30,000 cubits each
This Jackpot will be handed out automatically after <strong>72 hours</strong>, then a new one begins!

Current Pot: 55,000 cubits
Ticket Cost: 1,000 cubits each
Max Tickets per Person: 10
This Jackpot will be handed out automatically after <strong>24 hours</strong>, then a new one begins!

Good luck, and have fun!


Player Shops now OPEN : 01/11/2013 1:01:53 pm1/11/13

Overview of Shop

When we had player shops back on the first map it used to be the talk of the server (I know some of you remember the good olâ days). As most of you know, Ducks and I have been working day and night to get them together for you guys. Weâve been waiting patiently for a plugin to update, and alas! The plugin was just updated a few hours ago, so Ducks and I scurried to get everything in order. We hope that you enjoy them and that you take the time to learn the âins and outsâ of owning a shop!

The âcatchâ to renting a shop is that once your time runs out (there are 7 day, 14 day & 30 day rentals), other people can come in once your time has run out and rent it from under you. That means that if you did not remove everything in your shop before your time ran out, they get whatâs left (ie. everything that didnât sell)!

We thought this would add some intrigue/demand to renting a shop.

Keep in mind, shops are ONLY for selling and purchasing items. You cannot use your Shops as storage. Ducks and I will remove chests that are being used for storage daily. This includes but is NOT limited to incredibly overpriced items (5,555,555,555 cubits for a sharpness 5 sword) and chests with items in them and no sale sign.

Shop Basics:


To get to the Player Shops, all you have to do is go to /spawn

There will be a warp sign for Player Shops.


Once you warp to the Shops, be sure to take a look at our hard work! Then proceed to jump off the platform, you wonât take damage.

Continue forward and check out the Directory listing and read the few signs that are there.

Ground Level:

- Warps/Rent signs â Use these to find a specific playerâs shop and tell others to use your warp sign to your shop. You can also find a good spot on the Ground Level (via sign/warp placement) and rent the shop directly from there!

- Admin Buy/Sell shop â Use the Admin Sell/Buy shop to check prices or to simply purchase a few things.

1st Floor:

- Rental Stalls â $10,000 cubits/day (7 day, 14 day and 30 day rentals)

2nd Floor:

- Rental Stalls â $8,500 cubits/day (7 day, 14 day and 30 day rentals)

3rd Floor:

- Rental Stalls â $6,000 cubits/day (7 day, 14 day and 30 day rentals)

4th Floor:

- Donator Stalls â Warlord+ gets a free market stall for life. You will be able to buy a stall via BuyCraft soon as well.

Tutorial Signs

Enter through either side of the shop and you will be greeted with a warp sign to the tutorial section.

If you have never used the ChestShop plugin before, itâs highly recommended to check out the small tutorial section. It goes over how to use the /iteminfo command and more â all incredibly useful for selling enchanted items in your chest shops!


Update #2 : 12/26/2012 4:36:53 am12/26/12



Any users that donate to SiegeCraft from now until
January 1st will receive a present under our tree at spawn!

Presents will contain items such as BEACONS, Diamonds,
TNT, Enchanted Armor/Weapons, as well as other fun items!

Items you will receive inside presents will scale with
donation amount, so dono t worry! (The more you donate, the
better your present will be)

I will also be doing a drawing for anyone that donates before
January 1st. Winner will receive a FREE monster spawner.
A $25 value, worldguarded and all!

Happy Holidays, SiegeCraft! Love you guys!


<3 Maro

SiegeCraft PvP Tournament : 10/27/2012 12:18:12 pm10/27/12

Clicky -> SiegeCraftMC PvP Tournament <- Clicky

Important Dates:
Nov. 2nd (Friday) 12pm ET - Signups Due
Nov. 2nd (Friday) 6pm ET - Livestream drawing
Nov. 3rd (Saturday) 12pm ET - Tournament Begins

Looking for a way to brag to others about your elite PvP skills? Now' s your chance! Next weekend we will be holding a PvP Tournament on SiegeCraft.

Depending on how many people we have sign up, small details may be changed. Anyone that signs up will be notified if anything changes.

Right now we' re looking to get 8 total teams signed up with 4 players on each team (32 total players). I will do a random drawing on Livestream (www.twitch.tv/maroselis) to pick who will be going against who for the first round.

The drawing to decide who will be playing who will be Friday, November 2nd at 6pm ET. (6 hours after entries are due)

On Saturday, November 3rd at 12pm (noon) ET the tournament will begin. You and your team are to be ONLINE and READY at 11:30am ET with your inventories COMPLETELY cleared. If you or your members are not online 30 minutes before the tournament starts, your team will automatically forfeit.

If for some reason one of your members will not be able to make it, you may replace them with someone else PROVIDED:
- You have verified it with me, Maroselis, in game or in TeamSpeak
- The player you are replacing your teammate with is not already on another team

After the matched 8 teams play against each other, the winning 4 teams will then have to pick 2 players from their team to continue.

Next, those 4 teams will then fight against the team they are matched with.

The two winning teams will then go on to fight each other, and the winning team will be praised with a [Gladiator] title in game and some other awesome perks.

The tournament will take place in the arena, the only people inside the arena will be the players fighting. Players will be teleported into the Arena once it is time for your team to fight.

Important Information:

- Sign ups are due by Friday, November 2nd 12pm (noon) ET
- Sign up below with your team player list and name of your team
- McMMO will be disabled 1 hour before the event, and during the entire length of the event
- mcMMO parties will be enabled to prevent friendly fire
- It is required that you and your team are 100% prepared to fight to prevent any delay
- Items (gear, weapons, potions, food) will be provided for the tournament

- No mods of any kind (minimap/optifine are fine)
- No cheating (teleporting away, teleporting people in)
- Logging out of the game during a match
- Do NOT be late
** Disobeying any of these rules will result in your team being forfeited from the tournament and possibly all future tournaments. **


* [Duelist] in game for life, color of your choice (no blue/red)
* 100 experience levels
* Access to special kits for 1 month
- Obsidian (16) 1 time per day
- Spawner Kit - 1 Spawner & 1 Pig Egg every 10 days
- Potion Kit - Contains some potion supplies

Grand Prize Winners:
* [Gladiator] title in game for life, color of your choice (no blue/red)
* 500 experience levels
* Doubled mcMMO experience for 2 days
* Access to special kits for 1 month
- Obsidian (32) - 1 time per day
- Spawner Kit - 1 Spawner & 1 Pig Egg every 5 days
- Potion Kit - Contains some potion supplies / 1 time per day

Participating in the event (whether you win or lose) will give you access to a one time kit that contains random and fun items for you to enjoy. Maroselis will be handing out the kits, so be sure to stick around after the event. What is inside them will be a surprise, so please do not ask.

The 2 team members from each team that sat on the sidelines while their teams fought for them will still earn the prizes if their team makes it to the last round.


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I know that this server is down but is it possible it will ever come back up and if not can we at least get the map if you have it,sincerely a guy who loved that server.
Fantastic server, Played on this server since it just about came out! Too bad I'm banned on it now ofc, but oh well, would always love to be unbanned, if the owner was willing to talk to me :C
  • empirecraft
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Architect
  • October 25, 2012, 12:18 pm
Great Server! Has a lot of fun and active players!

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