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Divit's Minecraft Survival Server

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DivitOfficial avatar DivitOfficial
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
Status Offline Pinged: 12/24/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java
§f§l--Divit's Minecraft Survival Server--
§c 24/7 Uptime - PVP - Plug-ins - Survival
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Divit's Minecraft Survival Server

Divit's Minecraft Survival Server Information

-24/7 Uptime-

Server is only down for scheduled maintenance! Hosted on a 16-core workstation grade processor, with an extremely large amount of RAM, with DDoS Protection from an extremely low latency VPN, hooked on a Gigabit Fiber network!


Team up with friends or battle foes to claim victory! PVP is enabled everywhere except safe zones, which includes the spawn area, the economy item shop, and maybe more to come in the future!


Claim land and group up with friends to establish your own base, with your own rules, and your own hierarchy! Face enemy factions and raid their base for all their goodies!


Newest version of CraftBukkit for a smooth and fluid Minecraft multiplayer experience, with server commands that adds "quality of life" improvements over Vanilla.

-Economy -

The server features an item shop using the Essentials plugin that allows you from any time to warp over to the item shop and sell your resources and materials for in-game money, which can be used to buy other resources and materials! Got too much Cobblestone? If you got enough you may be able to buy some diamonds with it if you save up!

About the server:

  This server was created on the idea that Minecraft server's don't need to be filled with over-the-top overdone plugins and minigames, with lots of players and high latency and menus and custom items and complex combat systems. Back when Minecraft was still in Beta, there was a time when servers would be more simple. Faction PVP servers would consist of just the plugins needed to run and maintain the server, and it was up to the player on what they would do to make it a pleasurable experience. As long as you have a well maintained, reliable server, and friends, that's all you need to have some fun. This server was made on that idea that servers can still be like that. Feel free to drop by and invite your friends and enjoy Minecraft the way it was meant to be played!

This server is still new and looking for active and regular players to become permanent staff members to moderate the server. In regards to what this server stands for and was created for, staff members will be given NO special privileges or abilities, and are only there to moderate the server (kick and ban people who break the rules, cheat, etc, and investigate issues that players may be having with the server, or with other players). It is a voluntary position that will only be made available to regular players by the current staff members.

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