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Spawn Buidling Made By Dickinator45

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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner

Server Info : RID 2096752

Status: Offline Pinged: 05/15/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.6.2
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Hey guys were just a small time server trying to get a dedicate group of player willing to build big projects and have just an all around good time. of course we have a no greif policy. we do have hawkeye to tell who did it !
we hope to see many new people on our server and we hope that your willing to give us a chance! we have many worlds and minigames as lisited below. one simple rule is not asking for a staff position. See you soon! :)

Main world- Survival....Shops.....Its where you play normal Minecraft.
Fight- Full of PVP arenas and loads of fun.
Griefing/raiding- A world where griefing and raiding is allowed. Be careful of where you hide your goods in this world.
City- More Info on this world to come later.
Parkour World- Who doesn't love the favorite game of parkour.
King of the Ladder- be the first to get to the top and stay up on top of the giant towner with ladders all around, while knocking eachother off!
Spleef- break the blocks out from the other players to win!
PvP- we have multiple different pvp maps and many more to be made!

Rule 1 : Respect all staff
Rule 2: No hacking
Rule 3: No Pressing your religon on others
Rule 4: No inappropiate skins
Rule 5: obey Staff
Rule 6: Dont exploit glitches
Rule 7: No raging in chat

Sponsor- nickname, 5 diamond block, 2 customs warps and set more than 1 home $5

Vip- nickname, multihome, any 5 blocks, 5 custom warps, custom built house anywhere in spawn town $10

Elite- nickname, mobdisguise, any 5 blocks, 7 custom warps, custom house built anywhere

Veteran- nickname ,mobdisguise, any 5 blocks, your own mc world (with warp to it (end,flat,normal,nether)), 10 custom warps $20

Additional Notes

we are just small server with nice staff just looking to have a good time! owners are pmar93 and dickinator45 , dickinator45 has skype !

Update #1 : 08/07/2013 4:06:12 pm8/07/13

hey guys servers up and ready to go come on and join us!

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