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Infusion Craft #1 Faction PvP server of All Time [NO WHITELIST]

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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner

Server Info : RID 530101

Status: Offline Pinged: 03/17/14
South Africa
Game Version:Minecraft 1.1
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[size="5"]All previously banned players are unbanned. If they do stupid stuff again, they'll be banned.[/size]

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None Atm

Infusion first ran a server back in early May which was also a faction server. This lasted for a few months and had quite a few loyal members. Unfortunately, money problems ended in this server having to be drawn to a close. I myself then went round other servers trying to find a community as active as my server had been. After months of not being able to find one, it got to the point where I could afford to re-open my server and hope my old players will find this and rejoin.

This server is here to provide for the players, we believe in our hearts that the player COMES FIRST, and we'll stay true to that. We promise to provide a good minecraft server experience, one that you may not recieve on other servers. We strive as staff to be personable to our players and make them feel like they can come to us with problems. I personally have played on servers where I have felt unwanted or unwelcomed, and it's not a good environment. We constantly talk on teamspeak, we are always discussing new ways to add onto our server and enhance the player's experience. In short, we care about our players and we'll show that.

This server is a Factions based server in which PvP is ON at all times, and
protecting your stuff with plugins DOES NOT EXIST. Make sure to hide and protect
your stuff with clever doors and traps. We believe in friendships,
alliances, creativity, rivalries, war, safety, and raiding.

Please join the server and read the rules at spawn.

[size="4"][url="www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DCZB739AQ7JTC"]Donate Here <- Click[/url][/size]

:Coal: [color="#2F4F4F"]Coal VIP - £5[/color] :Coal:
20 Torches
10 Coal
1 Iron Door
2 Buttons
Wooden Tools

:Iron: [color="#708090"]Iron VIP - £10[/color] :Iron:
Access to /home + /sethome
30 Torches
15 Coal
1 Iron Door
2 Buttons
Iron Tools + Armor

:GoldBar: [color="#FFFF00"]Gold VIP - £15[/color] :GoldBar:
Access to /home + /sethome
40 Torches
20 Coal
2 Iron Doors
4 Buttons
Gold Tools and Armor

:Diamond: [color="#00FFFF"]Diamond VIP - £25[/color] :Diamond:
Access to /home + /sethome
Access to /tpa + /tpahere
50 Torches
30 Coal
3 Iron Doors
6 Buttons
Diamond Tools and Armor

:tnt: [color="#FF0000"]Redstone VIP - £50[/color] :tnt:
Access to /home + /sethome
Access to /tpa + /tpahere
64 Torches
64 Coal
5 Iron Blocks
3 Iron Doors
6 Buttons
2 Chests
Diamond Tools And Armor
2 Diamond Blocks
1 Spawner of their choice

If you abuse the ranks, you will be demoted and not get a refund.

Server IP:
Server IP Secondary: infusioncraft.zapto.org (May not work atm)
Infusion's Skype Name: wattsie1993

Owner - Infusion2011
Admin - greenslurpee
Mods - Raxal

[size="4"][b]Hope you enjoy your stay at our server ![/b][/size]

Sponsered by MineGrief (This doesn't allow griefing btw)


Additional Notes

#1 PvP Server of all time

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